Six uncredited actors in this film played regular or semi-regular roles on TV's Leave It to Beaver (1957): Richard Deacon (played Fred Rutherford), Pamela Baird (Mary Ellen Rogers), Cindy Carol (Alma Hanson), Stanley Fafara (Whitey Whitney), Tiger Fafara (Tooey Brown), and Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell).

Robert Stack plays a character that is a much younger grade school student of teacher "Miss Dove" actress Jennifer Jones. This despite the fact they were both born the same year in real life.

First shown on television during the first season of the NBC series "Saturday Night at the Movies", the first network series showing movies in prime time.

When Maurice Levine first comes to class, President Franklin Roosevelt's picture is on the wall of the classroom.

A picture of President Eisenhower hangs in Miss Dove's classroom on the day she becomes ill.

Robert Stack and Jerry Paris would appear together in "The Untouchables" from 1959-60 and from 1961-66 Jerry Paris and Richard Deacon would appear in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" together.