Hamar: You must give the order, your Majesty.

Princess Nellifer: The order is given.

[a priest walks around the pharaoh's sarcophagus breaking the clay pots which will release the sand and set the sealing of the pyramid in motion]

Hamar: It is done, your Majesty.

Princess Nellifer: Then I Nellifer am now Queen of Egypt and I now order...

[she pauses listening to a distant sound]

Princess Nellifer: What is this?

Hamar: The tomb is being sealed, your Majesty.

Princess Nellifer: NO! Show me the way out! I command you; show me the way out!

Hamar: There's no way out. This is what you lied and schemed and murdered to achieve! THIS is your kingdom!

Princess Nellifer: No, no, no.

[she sobs uncontrollably]

Princess Nellifer: I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die; Please help me!

[she collapses on the floor of the burial chamber]

Princess Nellifer: [contemptuously] My Lord Priest, I'm well aware of your hostility and emnity. May I say that the feeling is mutual. Within thirty days I ...

Hamar: [interrupting her] A long time ago, Your Majesty, I made a pact and swore to be buried with my friend and ruler. Therefore, Madam, when you are Queen, I will not be here, and you no longer need to worry about me.

Vashtar: Listen to them, Vashtar! This is a funeral, but they're not sad. They almost seem as if they're happy

Vashtar: The life they hope for in the future seems to mean more to them than their present life.

Vashtar's servant: I wonder if any of them ever saw or spoke to someone living in the future.

Vashtar: I don't think so, Mikka.

Vashtar's servant: I'd rather enjoy this life. Mind you, the wine in the grave sounds like a good idea, but how do I know I'll be thirsty?

Vashtar's servant: Who ever heard of a slave having a slave?

[first lines]

Hamar: I, Hamar, Lord High Priest of Egypt, am preparing a chronicle of the reign of Khufu, ruler of Egypt. Word has come that again he has been victorious in the war against our enemies and now Egypt has taken its place as the greatest of all nations in the world! Today, Pharaoh and his armies return.

[last lines]

Vashtar: So it's finished.

[they gaze at the pyramid]

Vashtar: A structure to house one man and the greatest treasure of all time.

Senta: And a structure to last for all time.

Vashtar: Only history will tell.

Kyra: Will he be remembered?

Vashtar's servant: I don't think I'll ever forget him!

Vashtar: Yes, he will be remembered. The pyramid will keep his memory alive. In that he built better than he knew. Come, we have a long way to go.

[they turn away to begin their journey]

Pharaoh Cheops: [angrily] These plans have been used for a royal tomb, and not one has escaped the grave robbers!

Vashtar: There are many thieves and very few pharaohs.

Vashtar: When I've conceived a plan, I'll send you word.

Pharaoh Cheops: Good.

[to a servant]

Pharaoh Cheops: Hama, see that he has all he needs.

[to Vashtar]

Pharaoh Cheops: Work swiftly, architect!

Vashtar: That I may die sooner?

Pharaoh Cheops: No, that your people should live!

Princess Nellifer: [seductively to Treneh] Even a queen may be lonely.

Pharaoh Cheops: [referring to the jewels in his treasure trove] You wish to know how they were won or where they came from?

Princess Nellifer: No, only to see it and to feel it.

Pharaoh Cheops: Just like a woman!

Princess Nellifer: Would you change me, Sire?

Pharaoh Cheops: No! No, never!

Princess Nellifer: Feels almost soft - like something to be caressed. Only gold feels that way.

Pharaoh Cheops: [to a servant] You prepare the fastest camels. I ride for Luxor tonight!

Pharaoh Cheops: Prepare the fastest camels!