Film debut of Ann B. Davis.

Final film of Jean Peters.

Eleanor Audley, the voice of Cinderella (1950)'s stepmother and Sleeping Beauty (1959), is in a brief scene as a member of Peter's Atlanta Church Congregation.

Average Shot Length (ASL) = 17 seconds

The names of the U.S. Senators portrayed in the film were fictitious, due to most of those Senators still being alive at the time of the film's production and release in 1955.

Along with Disney's Treasure Island (1950), filmmaker Ron Shelton claimed this as his favorite film.

Jill Esmond last movie.

Dennis Morgan was a contender for the lead role.

The promotional poster for the film shows Richard Todd, as The Reverend Peter Marshall, wearing a clergyman's white collar, even though Reverend Marshall was specifically known for not wearing the clergyman's collar, and it was addressed in the film why Reverend Marshall did not wear the collar.