Maj. John Boulton: It's a curious name for a man... Evelyn.

Maj. John Andre: He's a curious man.

Maj. John Andre: [to Sally] You must think I'm either an angel or a fool. I'm neither.

Maj. John Boulton: I wonder how many crimes are committed in the name of duty.

Maj. John Andre: Do you suppose death is beautiful, Peter?

Peter Andre: Only if life is ugly, sir.

Maj. John Andre: [to Dr. Odell] You know, doctor, a man shows his character by the way he handles a sword.

Dr. Jonathan Odell: [to Boulton] I may be wrong about you, Major Boulton, but I don't think so. I think you're playing a very unorthodox game.

Sally Cameron: You're a violent man, Major Bolton.

Sally Cameron: It's not considered proper for a lady to also have these feelings, but I do.