Queen Elizabeth I: It is I who makes the policy of this realm, I and I alone!

French Ambassador: May I compliment you, Madame, on this most beautiful palace? There is no other like it in all of Europe.

Queen Elizabeth I: It was my father's. I'll tell him when I see him.

French Ambassador: [not fully understanding her answer] Yes... but King Henry is dead. Madame jests?

Queen Elizabeth I: Madame never jests.

Queen Elizabeth I: There can be no funeral without a corpse.

[the Queen enters as Raleigh is on his knees trying to pick up Beth Throgmorton's broken pearl necklace]

Queen Elizabeth I: [to Beth] Is this your pet swine? You've cast your pearls before him.

Queen Elizabeth I: And what is your next campaign?

Sir Walter Raleigh: I've already launched on it, Ma'am. My next campaign is you.

Beth Throgmorton: Indeed I pity you. You have no ships and the Queen has a new lap dog.

Sir Walter Raleigh: Dogs bark. And if they bark long enough and loud enough - they're listened to. I shall have my ships.