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  • A great, although short-lived (due to Anita Louise's departure) family series. There is now a comprehensive web site on the ground-breaking series that lists everything about the cast, crew, episodes, horses, stunts, etc. The series was based on Mary O'Hara's best-selling books, as was the motion picture of the same name starring Roddy McDowall that preceded it. It concerns a boy named Ken McLaughlin (played by Johnny Washbrook) who lives on a ranch (The Goose Bar Ranch, near mythical Coulee Springs, Wyoming) with his father, Rob (played by Gene Evans), his mother, Nell (played by Anita Louise), and their ranch hand Gus (played by Frank Ferguson), and is set around 1900. It was a well-written series that had several famous guest stars. The series was broadcast on all three major networks at one time or another, as well as the Disney Channel.
  • Nothing warms my heart and soul like a 'love story'. My Friend Flicka is most definitely a love story. My hope is that this series inspires a deeper appreciation and respect regarding the human/equine bond in the younger and future generations as it did in me. There is a Facebook page and web site that provides excellent resource information on this TV Series (just do a web search). I'm disappointed however that Shout Factory's release only included 2 episodes from Fox's masters as the series went public domain back in the 90's and doubtlessly they didn't want to invest anymore than necessary in production costs for their release..