Frankie Dane: Look, what do you want out of me?

Ben Wagner: You're 18. I'd like to see you live until you're 21.

Frankie Dane: Why?

Ben Wagner: So you can vote.

Frankie Dane: [seeing Ben in his room] Whatta yuh want up here? Nobody asked you.

Ben Wagner: I don't want anything. I... was just downstairs and realized I never seen your place before.

Frankie Dane: [sarcastically] Well, feast your eyes tonight. It's staight out of Hollywood.

Ben Wagner: That's a pretty lousy place.

Frankie Dane: Why don't you stop sucking around? What, are you in love with us or something?

Ben Wagner: Sucking around is my job.

Frankie Dane: [after he's slapped] Don't you ever touch me!

Mrs. Dane: I'm your mother... MOTHER! God help me when I say it! The word feels dirty in my mouth! 'Don't touch me, mother?' Well, you listen to me! I touched you once! I gave birth to you. I touched you all over! You're part of my body, and every time I think of it, I wanna wash! You're garbage, Frankie Dane! I give you up! I give you up!

Angelo Gioia: Papa, let me grow up!

Mr. Gioia: Baby!