Jamima Boone: I've been watching you and Susannah...

Faron Callaway: Uh-huh.

Jamima Boone: And I don't think you understand women.

Faron Callaway: Who does?

Jamima Boone: [seductively] Another woman.

Andy Callaway: Well, this is it - a few sacks of grain, a few bags of powder. It'll take months to get enough settlers and supplies down here to man this fort. Meanwhile we can't fight redcoats *and* redskins!

Daniel Boone: It's up to us to keep the peace.

Andy Callaway: With a tomahawk in your back?

Daniel Boone: It isn't how you die, it's what you live for.

John Holder: [referring to the gauntlet] No man can get though that and live.

Kenton: If any man can, Boone will.

Israel Boone: Shel-tow-ee?

Daniel Boone: Yes, Israel. That's the name Blackfish gave me when he made me his blood brother. It means "Big Turtle."