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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hugo Haas was a writer/director/ star who made a good number of films that are best described as boiled over potboilers. They are deep meaningful films that pull at one's emotions like a supped up tractor at a tractor pull. Over done and over blown doesn't begin to describe it. I find it amazing that he managed to make as many films as he did. Then again for all the bathic content they are technically well made, and somewhat amusing. The plot here follows a skid row bum and his dog as they try to make enough money to get by and the interactions they have with the people they meet. It's a sad little film, brightened by the occasionally humorous line. I watched the film and squirmed at all of the forced emotion. I couldn't believe that the downtrodden life could me turned into such a soap opera. It was an endurance test. Actually the ending, and its "happy" turn about almost made sitting through this silly film. I could see it coming and I sat watching incredulous at what was going on, were they really going to do it? Yea they did. Tragedy has rarely been so laugh inspiring.