Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Eric, I'm worried about you.

Eric Carradine: Worried?

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: You are at the point of falling for her.

Eric Carradine: What makes you say that?

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Whenever you look at her, you appear less intelligent.

Bus Passenger: Antonine, check out that girl. Her ass is a song.

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Where is she?

Eric Carradine: She's gone.

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: Gone? Why?

Eric Carradine: Because she's brave enough to do what she wants when she wants.

Eric Carradine: [First lines] You have the feet of a queen.

Juliete Hardy: Mr. Carradine, you have a devil of a nerve.

Eric Carradine: I brought the apple.

Juliete Hardy: Which apple?

Eric Carradine: The forbidden fruit.

Juliete Hardy: Are you having fun in Toulon?

Antoine Tardieu: I'm working.

Juliete Hardy: You should come back.

Antoine Tardieu: I have a better future there.

Juliete Hardy: All the future does is spoil the present.

Antoine Tardieu: Can you come?

Juliete Hardy: I'll do whatever you want.

Antoine Tardieu: Would you kiss me? Kiss me.

Madame Morin: What if you got married?

Juliete Hardy: Who would want to marry me?

Madame Morin: Wouldn't you be a good wife?

Juliete Hardy: I like to have fun too much.

Madame Morin: Anyone as pretty as you would.

Juliete Hardy: I don't know. It's always as if I'm going to die tomorrow. Something inside me pushes me to do silly things.

Michel Tardieu: Mom! Give Juliette 100 francs.

Mme. Tardieu: I'm not a money tree.

Michel Tardieu: I'll give it back.

Mme. Tardieu: This month, we're in debt. Of course, she doesn't care. We'll worry when there's no money left. Why don't you work a little for a change?

Juliete Hardy: But I do work. I work at being happy.

Eric Carradine: I'll wait. When your hair turns gray, time is no object. Only the young are impatient.

Eric Carradine: That girl is made to destroy men.

Antoine Tardieu: I don't feel like talking. But if I don't talk... I want to kiss you.

Juliete Hardy: That's my favorite song!

Antoine Tardieu: It's the first time I ever heard it.

Juliete Hardy: Me too.

M. Vigier-Lefranc: Ever hear of Vigier sugar?

Juliete Hardy: Yes.

M. Vigier-Lefranc: That's me. Ever heard of Lefranc vacuum cleaners?

Juliete Hardy: Yes.

M. Vigier-Lefranc: That's me. Will you come and dance the cha-cha-cha?

Juliete Hardy: Never with a vacuum cleaner!

Eric Carradine: I am the one responsible for making her late. I'd like to make it up to you.

Madame Morin: Please don't. The honor of this house is not for sale.

Eric Carradine: Honor is a delicate word. It demands a lot of heart.

Eric Carradine: Why did you come?

Juliete Hardy: I don't know. Or maybe I do. Or maybe not. Don't ask stupid questions.

Eric Carradine: What are you thinking about?

Juliete Hardy: Another useless question. You can never answer the truth.

Le déléguée de l'évêché: Shameless, impolite, and also lazy. I was hoping to find excuses for you, but I have to agree with Mrs. Morin.

Juliete Hardy: Excuses for what?

Le déléguée de l'évêché: Your behavior.

Juliete Hardy: Is it your business?

Le déléguée de l'évêché: Absolutely. I've been put on your case by the Welfare Board. I'll tell them that you're a disgrace to the orphanage. I can't deny any of the rumors I've heard. My child, I think there's only one way to save yourself. Go see a doctor and have him give you a certificate.

Juliete Hardy: What kind of certificate?

Le déléguée de l'évêché: If you're a proper young lady, I'll give you another chance.

Juliete Hardy: I didn't know love was a disease.

Eric Carradine: Strange town. Nobody here wants my money.

Eric Carradine: You know I've nothing against married women.

Lucienne: What should I tell Eric?

Juliete Hardy: Tell him I don't like apples anymore. He'll understand.

Juliete Hardy: Everything I love, I've got here. The sea, the sun, the hot sand, music, and eating.

Antoine Tardieu: Your little wife seems a bit agitated lately. You should really take care of her.

Juliete Hardy: Don't worry. He knows exactly how to take care of me. At night, we're never bored.

Michel Tardieu: You're just a little kitten.

Juliete Hardy: You have to love me very much.

Juliete Hardy: I'm scared.

Michel Tardieu: Of what?

Juliete Hardy: It's difficult being happy.

Antoine Tardieu: I'll take you to a doctor.

Eric Carradine: Not here. They'd tell the police. And the police don't know anything about love.

[last lines]

Eric Carradine: Let's get out of here. I don't want to die in this wreck.

[Juliette is sunbathing in the nude]

Eric Carradine: Ah! The Garden of Eden in Saint-Tropez!

Juliete Hardy: Monsieur Carradine! And I suppose you are the Devil?

Eric Carradine: Perhaps so. I've brought the apple anyway.

Eric Carradine: Are you crazy?

Juliete Hardy: I'm shooting bottles.

Eric Carradine: Where did you find this gun?

Juliete Hardy: In the drawer. I love to shoot. It's exciting.

Eric Carradine: If I were your husband or your father I'd give you a good spanking.

Juliete Hardy: [smiling] Go ahead!

Eric Carradine: With that mouth you can have anything you want.

Juliete Hardy: [singing] I'm a gold-digger.

Juliete Hardy: I'm in for it now.

Madame Morin: Hello,, Mr. Carridine.

Eric Carradine: Good afternoon.

Madame Morin: [to Juliete] You should be at the bookstore. Of course you'd rather show yourself off naked in front of men. Little slut! I take her out of the orphanage and this is the thanks I get.

Madame Morin: You were watching too, you dirty old man.

M. Morin: Well, I heard your voice.

Madame Morin: [to Juliete] You won't laugh long! I have a surprise for you. You know what people say about you in town? You don't care. Well, I do, you little slut! Well, will you answer me? If at least you were a hard worker. Mrs. Marquand told me you waited on her barefoot yesterday. Is that good salesmanship?

Juliete Hardy: Will it make a difference?

Madame Morin: Definitely not.

Juliete Hardy: Then why should I?

Antoine Tardieu: I ran into Juliette on the bus. She's a real woman now. I know, because the bus was crowded.

Mme. Tardieu: She's got no shame, that girl.

Antoine Tardieu: She's got something else.

Mme. Tardieu: I hope you're not falling.

Antoine Tardieu: Why not?

Mme. Tardieu: She hasn't waited for you.

Antoine Tardieu: I never said I wanted to be the first.

Mme. Tardieu: Nobody even knows where that tart is from.

Antoine's Friend at the Dance: You seem to be having fun.

Antoine Tardieu: Have you ever known me not to?

Antoine's Friend at the Dance: It seems to be going well with Juliette.

Antoine Tardieu: I'm going to have her tonight.

Antoine's Friend at the Dance: You don't waste any time flirting, do you?

Antoine Tardieu: Girls like Juliette are good for one night - then you forget them.

Antoine's Friend at the Dance: What if she's a clinger?

Antoine Tardieu: I'm going back to Toulon. She'll forget.

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: You've always been a nasty drunk.

M. Vigier-Lefranc: I'm a clumsy drunk. It's not the same.

Madame Morin: What are you afraid of?

Juliete Hardy: Of myself.

Priest: That girl is like a wild animal. She needs to be tamed.

Juliete Hardy: If I start, I won't be able to stop.

Juliete Hardy: Listen, it's Gilbert Becaud.

René: They seem to be having fun next door.

Eric Carradine: Does she cry?

Antoine Tardieu: Of course not.

Eric Carradine: Maybe she does when she's alone.

Antoine Tardieu: She's too much of a bitch for that.

Eric Carradine: When it comes to female psychology, my poor boy, you're stuck in the Stone Age.

Casino Royal Patron: Carradine, you are the incarnation of luck.

Eric Carradine: You think, your Highness? You have money, power, women. Tell me. What does one have to do to have a woman?

Casino Royal Patron: You're asking me... It depends on the woman. Usually it takes jewels, furs. In extreme cases, a little mansion.

Eric Carradine: Let's say you're passionately in love with a woman. One night she comes to see you. Instead of having her, you see someone else marries her. You call that luck?

Casino Royal Patron: No, I call it good judgement.

Michel Tardieu: Have you seen Juliette? I've looked everywhere.

Antoine Tardieu: There's a bar where the whores go. You can find her there.

Michel Tardieu: Where?

Antoine Tardieu: Sh*t, my head is pounding.

Michel Tardieu: Where is she?

Antoine Tardieu: At the "Bar des Amis" getting hammered. Don't go. Forget about that bitch.

Michel Tardieu: I won't allow you to call her that.

Antoine Tardieu: Your bitch whore.

Michel Tardieu: Why whore? Did you pay to have her?

Antoine Tardieu: Yes. She cost me a boat. It wasn't insured.

Eric Carradine: What's gotten into you?

Juliete Hardy: Can't you see I'm having fun?

Eric Carradine: Come on. That's enough.

Juliete Hardy: Do you know a place where people just want to dance and laugh?

Eric Carradine: I'll take you there.

Juliete Hardy: Is it far away?

Eric Carradine: Halfway across the world.

Juliete Hardy: I'd like to stop thinking completely.

Antoine Tardieu: You're no good at playing Santa Claus.

Eric Carradine: I'd rather play Santa Claus than a puppet.