Father Belacchi: They're getting up a rescue party to climb the mountain.

Zachary Teller: Why, if everybody's dead?

Zachary Teller: You're sweating! Thinking of the dead men's money is making you sweat! I blame myself. It's my fault for you being like this. Somewhere I must have done something wrong for you to be like this.

Christopher 'Chris' Teller: You're not going to take me up there?

Zachary Teller: [Shakes his head] I haven't climbed in ten tears. That in itself would be enough if a man gets old... and besides, my hands are not as strong as they once were... and the mountain is aginst me. But all that there is, there's one thing more, the most important thing. It isn't right! Isn't there anything inside you that tells you it isn't right? You want me to take you mYou want me to take you up to the top of the mountain in the sight of God so you can pick the pockets of dead people? Does money mean that much to you?

Christopher 'Chris' Teller: [Agrily] I'd do more than that to get out of here!