William S. 'Bill' Grant: You seemed a little anxious not to be seen.

George Thomas: Well, I saw two strangers standing over a corpse. Not being the hero type, I decided this was no place for me.

[last lines]

Lois King: If I'd only known in time, perhaps I could have stopped him. I know he meant this power to be used to help humanity, not destroy it.

Dr. Ted Stevens: I'm sure he did. And he paid for his mistake. Nature has many secrets that man must'n't disturb. And this was one of them.

Lois King: I know. If only he too could have understood.

Dr. Ted Stevens: I'm sure he does, Lois. That's why he took his secret with him.

Prof. King: You know, science is a devouring mistress. She devours all who seek to fathom her mysteries. And for every secret she reveals, she demands a price; a price that a scientist must be prepared to pay. Even at the cost of his life or the lives of others who stand in the way of his search.

[first lines]

William S. 'Bill' Grant: Don't touch that.

[Grant shows his credentials]

Ted Baxter: William S. Grant, Special Investigator. Department of Defense, Washington. Well, I guess that makes it pretty official.

William S. 'Bill' Grant: Yes, I guess it does.

Ted Baxter: His body's rigid with burns. The boat's charred too. Yet, there's no sign of fire. We better get him out of the water.

William S. 'Bill' Grant: I'll take care of him myself.

Ted Baxter: I just though I'd give you some help.

Prof. King: These men get very careless. They think they rule the sea, but it's just the opposite. The sea rules *us*, Mr. Baxter.

Andy, the Janitor: You mean to say that's one of God's creatures, professor?

Prof. King: No, Andy. That's one of man's follies and I pray God there'll never be another one.

George Thomas: This is serious. I'm in trouble. You like that, don't you?

Ethel Hall, Dr. King's Secretary: I have too much trouble of my own to worry about yours.

Wanda: You don't look well, George. Or is it just that I don't find you attractive anymore?