Captain Fisby: I used to worry a lot about not being a big success. I've made peace with myself somewhere between my ambitions and my limitations...

Sakini: Pain make man think. Thought make man wise. Wisdom make life endurable.

Sakini: She says Lotus Blossom unfair competition.

Captain Fisby: Granted.

Sakini: And she say you promised her everyone gonna be equal, Boss.

Captain Fisby: And I intend to keep my word.

Sakini: She say she can't be equal, Boss, until she has everything Lotus Blossom have.

Captain Fisby: What Lotus Blossom has, the government doesn't issue!

Sakini: Socks up boss!

Col. Wainwright Purdy III: It's my job to teach these Okinawans democracy. And they're going to learn democracy, if I have to shoot every one of them!

Col. Wainwright Purdy III: You'll need an interpreter...

Captain Fisby: I can study the language.

Col. Wainwright Purdy III: No need. We won the war.

Col. Wainwright Purdy III: Plan B calls for the schoolhouse to be pentagon-shaped.

Captain Fisby: I have found peace somewhere between my ambitions and my limitations.

Col. Wainwright Purdy III: I'm not the kind of man to take no answer for an answer!