Mouse: [Wakes up to the smell of cheese] I know, I'm in heaven.

[Sees Sylvester]

Mouse: No, I must be in the other place.

Sylvester: Well, I'll tell ya where you're gonna be, unless you do as I tell you, and that's down the hatch.

[Points at mouth]

Mouse: Oh, please, spare me, Mr. Pussycat! I'll do anything you say.

Sylvester: Okay. But remember, you disobey me, and it's down the hatch.

Mouse: No! No! Not that! I'll be your slave.

Sylvester: Okay, slave. I've got a job for ya.

Sylvester: Come on, slave. Time to do your stuff.

Mouse: Just a minute, cat! I've been doing some thinking.

Sylvester: Oh, yeah? And what about, peanut brain?

Mouse: Well, it looks like you need me to keep your happy home.

Sylvester: Oh, yeah? And what's that make you?

Mouse: Well, from now on, it makes me the boss around here.

[Plucks out one of Sylvester's whiskers]

Sylvester: Ow! Why you little... I'll...

Mouse: You'll what?

Sylvester: Why, I'll...

Mouse: [Jumps into Sylvester's mouth] Down the hatch? I dare ya. I double dare ya!

[Tries to close Sylvester's mouth]

Sylvester: No, no! Don't, don't! Uh-uh, don't, don't!

Mouse: Okay, but you'd better keep an eye on me. You just can't afford to have anything happen to me. And away we go!

Man: Marsha, what's going on in here?

Woman: Oh, John. We'll have to keep the cat. He just caught a great big mouse, and there might be others around.

Sylvester: [Chuckling] Or the same one lots of times, sister.