Mr. Bennett: Leonard, you have your mother's eyes... especially when you're telling a lie.

Mr. Bennett: Leonard, when will you learn? Everybody does bad things. Everybody has something hidden. Everybody.

Reporter: [Frustrated with the lack of co-operation] Look, for the strong, silent type I go to the movies. From you I desire only a statement.

Lieutenant Harry Graham: [Flatly] No statement.

Reporter: Look, give us a break, will yuh?

Lieutenant Harry Graham: [Sarcastically] She was hit by a flying saucer.

Mr. Bennett: [to Lois in the malt shop as the school kids are dancing] Kids! You know, if you could harness all this energy, you could run our power plant for a year.

Leonard Bennett: [to Lois] I've got plenty of sense. I know this school isn't big enough to hold us both. It's either you or me, and all I care about is me.

Lois Conway: [Rhetorically] Is it a crime to strangle a principal?

Lieutenant Harry Graham: You can lie about a lot of things, but fingerprints don't lie.

Leonard Bennett: [to Lois at police headquarters] Miss Conway, tell him to leave me alone.

Lieutenant Harry Graham: You're not in school now. Miss Conway can't do anything.

Lois Conway: [Sarcastically] You've lost me my job, my reputation, and most of my friends. What would you like me to do for you, Leonard.