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  • StreepFan12630 October 2002
    These episodes, like "I Love Lucy" were priceless. But what I think made these stand out, were its guest stars. The best episode was "The Celebrity Next Door" with guest star Tallulah Bankhead. The scene where Lucy tries to make Tallualh look bad on stage is timeless. Another great episode was the one with Fred MacMurray, where the Richardos and Mertzes join MacMurray on a uranium hunt in Nevada. This show is a must see for any Lucy fan!
  • The best episode of the entire series was the one with Tallulah Bankhead, as for once, Lucille Ball had a co-star and a female one at that who could match her toe-to-toe in everything. If Lucy dished it out, Tallulah dished it right back and then some. I don't know if it was scripted or not, but in one scene, it looked as if Lucy could have killed Tallulah just by her looks alone!!

    It was the scene where Tallulah says.."when Miss Bankhead is bored, Miss Bankhead will tell you"--the reaction shot of Lucy was priceless!! The other episodes were passable, but this particular one is the stand-out.
  • I love the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour! Since the show is an hour, and I Love Lucy was only thirty minutes, Lucy has an even bigger chance of getting herself into a mess. Another thing that's special about it is that there are always several guest stars that add more drama to the story. Little Ricky has more of a part. He's so cute!! I really like the country setting. The Ricardo's house is beautiful. And, of course, there's Fred and Ethel! In this series, the Ricardos and Mertzes go on lots of trips together, and you feel like you are vacationing with them instead of watching it on television. They've been to so many places: Sun Valley, Japan, out West, and more! The scenes are beautifully shot. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour is definitely a classic. I wish they had made more episodes. Give it a try sometime. It's a pleasant way to spend a Saturday night. You won't be disappointed.
  • I have to add that Lucille Ball in these one-hour shows is very attractive. The comedy is fresh and almost as enjoyable as the chocolate-eating scene from I Love Lucy. Predictable but very enjoyable is an appropriate way to describe this comedy. In addition to a cast of celebrities, there are some great scenes with chickens, horses, donkeys, and little Fred (a dog).

    Each episode has a unique twist to it: a snowball fight with Danny Thomas, a horse race with Betty Grable, a chance to ice skate with Fernando Lamas.

    It is a great way to spend a Saturday night.
  • Lucille Ball is the greatest comic of all time. All of Lucy's shows were fun, light, and campy. It was great to see Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel, and then Lucy, Viv, Gale, the kids, and Mary Jane all acting together. Fans now have the complete series of I Love Lucy and The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour. I hope to see complete series releases of The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Life With Lucy. All of these shows are important parts of Lucy's television history. If you haven't voted yet, please do so at Maybe we will get some good news on a future release!! The more votes, the more fans can show their enthusiasm!! Can you imagine owning all the Lucy shows in your own collection?!?!?
  • These shows have their moments, but all in all, it's true; they're mostly stale and uninspired. Guest stars and "exotic" locales try to give the proceedings a shot in the arm, but most of the time the guest stars look pained and uncomfortable (you're almost embarrassed for Maurice Chevalier getting caught up in Ricky and Lucy's increasingly realistic and unpleasant fighting). Episode by episode:

    Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana: A novelty in that it "flashes back" to Lucy and Ricky's first meeting, it's also not terribly funny and often quite dull. Lucy and Ann Sothern have some good chemistry but the material isn't there. It also contradicts some of the "canon" of the "I Love Lucy" series, but that's not really all that new. Worth watching once for curiosity value; just don't expect a lot of laughs.

    The Celebrity Next Door: Easily the best of the lot, and coincidentally, the last in which Lucy would wear her trademark hairdo. Thus, it still FEELS like a Lucy episode. Tallulah Bankhead gives as good as she gets and practically steals the episode. The final "play" is amusing as well. And remember, folks, "When Miss Bankhead is bored, Miss Bankhead will let you know."

    Lucy Hunts Uranium: A bit predictable, but the location shooting and the "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" hijinks at the end are good for some smiles. Fred MacMurray is fairly likable in his star turn, though Lucy and Ricky (the characters) are starting to get a little too cavalier with how they treat celebrities! Would you leave Fred MacMurray in the desert to die?

    Lucy Wins a Race Horse: Not a terrible episode, this still predicts the more tired humor of "The Lucy Show". Lucy and Ethel pushing a horse upstairs is worth a few laughs. Ricky, however, is just starting to look hollow-eyed, gray and tired.

    Lucy Goes to Sun Valley: The tension between Lucy and Desi is becoming palpable, but not quite pronounced. There's not really much interesting in this episode; its major set piece seems to be each character interrupting Fernando Lamas as he's taking a shower.

    Lucy Goes to Mexico: A truly irritating episode; Lucy and Ricky's aforementioned bickering now seems to have a nasty edge to it. The hijinks just seem strained here whereas they were effortless in the European ILL episodes. However, Lucy's turn as a toreador at the end is kind of amusing, albeit very "Lucy Show" in the writing.

    Lucy Makes Room for Danny: I never really liked Danny Thomas much; the kids almost save this episode by generally being more likable than the main characters. Gale Gordon does have a funny role at the end as the judge who calls Fred "a miserable tightwad." All in all, though, the original ILL "Courtroom" show is funnier.

    Lucy Goes to Alaska: Red Skelton DOES come off well in this episode, charming and guileless. I'm not that fond of his routine with Lucy in the middle, as it goes on too long. But the sleeping scene is okay, and the final scene with Red flying the airplane has a little suspense to it.

    Lucy Wants a Career: Simply put, this is an hour long "Lucy Show" with special guest star Desi Arnaz. Lucy is a dim bulb through most of it, doing stale slapstick and irritating the hell out of Paul Douglas (whoever he is, he's not exactly a charmer). The original "I Love Lucy" charm is just about gone.

    Lucy's Summer Vacation: A dull episode whose idea of a comedic set piece is Lucy and Ida Lupino plugging up holes in a boat with chewing gum. Almost instantly forgettable.

    Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardos: My God, Desi looks horrible in this episode. Hollow-eyed, listless, gray and tense, until the moment when Ricky becomes inexplicably psychotic and punches out Milton Berle, thinking Uncle Miltie is Lucy's paramour. Then there's the final scenes on the crane, with Lucy's stunt double painfully obvious, as she looks nothing like Lucy. Perhaps the worst of all the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours...

    The Ricardos Go To Japan: be followed by one of the best. Sure, it may be as authentic to Japan as an American-made sushi roll, but Bob Cummings is fairly funny, and Lucy and Viv recapture their original chemistry all over again. A fun episode, worth rewatching.

    Lucy Meets the Moustache: However, in this last episode, Lucy and Desi are back to their usual distance and it shows. Ernie Kovacs is not a natural to this kind of comedy, though Edie Adams does all right. This isn't grade A but it's not a total waste of time, either. Even though it's all been done, at least you can see it being done with the original cast one last time, and that's not so bad.

    Overall: Worth seeing once. Not going to stand alongside the original half hour. "The Celebrity Next Door" is a keeper, with "The Ricardos Go To Japan" being a runner-up. Everything else... see it for the historic value, then let it alone.
  • SipteaHighTea16 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I could only remember two of the shows - Lucy's Summer Vacation and Lucy Hunt for Uranuium. Both of them were classic episodes. I love it when Howard Duff and Ricky were playing a game of cards and Howard's wife was all dress up to entice her husband. Howard was smoking a cigar and blew smoke in his wife's face and she look like she was about to die.

    I thought that all of Lucy's shows from the 1950s to the late 1960s and early 70s were funny in their own unique way. The fact that Ms. Ball had three to four TV shows prove how adaptable she was. Some of the same folks that were seen on her first show, later appear on her later shows.
  • I can't agree with the other comments, I've never found these shows particularly funny. For me, I found that the magic was gone, and since Lucy and Desi's marriage was ending, I think that transferred to the screen. I also think the hour long concept just didn't work for that type of show. The format was too long and it allowed for too many long pauses between what little laughs there were. It's like watching a show where everything and everyone are the same but everything isn't the same. Except for the Tallulah episode, which everyone agrees is the best of these shows, the other shows should be watched for pure TV history only.
  • jsosa-114 November 2006
    This show is far from the comedic genius and originality of the show that preceded it. These 1 hour "specials" were hardly special. My opinion is my own, but having been a fan of 6 seasons of "I Love Lucy"--the "Lucy and Desi Comedy Hours" were the beginning of the end for all the actors'careers.

    This would be Lucille Ball's first of many mediocre sitcoms that followed "I Love Lucy" that had her doing the same tricks over and over. From "The Lucy Show" to "Here's Lucy" and "Life With Lucy", the Comedy Hours began a 2 decade period of Lucy's attempt to hang on to a formula that is out of place and exhausted--especially in the 70's and 80's when other brands of comedy and humor have exceeded.

    There are very little--even FEW moments in this series that made me laugh. The reason is because the writing is tired. The jokes are flat. The audiences seems to eat it all up because frankly they are giddy that they're in the same room as these wonderful actors. I'd be giddy too if I was in the same room as Lucy, Desi, Vivian and William. But that's no reason to keep a show on the air.

    Each show has the cast in a specific situation or place that lasts the entire hour. They range from being in Mexico, the Alps and even Tokyo. The change in "scenery" may perk ears up but the delivery of jokes and recreating the magic that has begun to fade--immediately flattens your curiosity.

    If you're a huge Lucy fan this is probably something you should get because you probably want anything and everything with Lucy in it. I'm a huge fan and that's why I got it. I was intrigued by the idea of this show. After reading many biographies and reading ABOUT this show--I was desperate to see it. And I began to buy these tapes about 10 years ago.

    A lot of scenes seem to drag on and instead of having that feeling of "Oh wow, the show's over?? That went by too fast!" It's really.."When is this over?" I may sound like I'm completely bashing it but you can see for yourself. The pacing of the show is slower, they are obviously trying too hard to make it work.

    You can force yourself to laugh at all these shows but you have to realize why. Is it because you really think it's funny or because it's Lucy and your brain assumes she's always hilarious? If you seem to have to force yourself to laugh at something...then it's probably not that funny. "I Love Lucy" never had you do that. These shows will.
  • This shows what a hard act "I Love Lucy" is to follow. I caught some of the episodes by happenstance, since they are so rarely shown.

    The best way I can describe "We Love Lucy" is a tire with all of the air let out; flat. The cast looked to me like they were on their last leg. They seemed to go thru the motions, but with none of the enthusiasm they had on the original show. IMO, the celebrity guest stars didn't help.

    This was especially true of Lucy and Desi. From what I read in the book "Desilu", the flatness of the show can be partly attributed to their marriage problems, which kept on spilling over on the set, no doubt causing a sour atmosphere.

    Nowhere was the tension more evident than in the final episode with Ernie Kovacs, in which neither Lucy nor Desi looked at all happy, and which was confirmed by Kovacs' wife, who sang in that episode.

    Another curious thing is how Lucy's voice became hoarse (and stayed that way for the rest of her life) in the "We Love Lucy" shows.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge Lucy fan.. but I don't know if I'd be if this was my only exposure to her world. We should remember Desi and Lucille's marriage was ending and they were fulfilling obligations to such sponsors as Westinghouse and Ford among others. They had a crew under contract.. So.. I think they did well under these circumstances .. and a main ingredient was missing... writer/producer Jess Oppenheimer.. but some GOOD moments still exist.. Lucy and Ann Sothern in jail... Lucy racing a Quarter Horse... Red Skelton and Lucy singing/pantomiming.... Mildred(Milton) Berle coming down the stairs.. Fred Mertz and Betty Grable... the car race/chase with Fred McMurray..and of course Tallulah Dahling.. So yeah.. it can be a fun romp.. but don't expect everyone to be a gem!
  • JohnD6126 November 2017
    This continuation of I Love Lucy is nowhere near the classic sitcom. The best of the 13 episodes (by far) is The Celebrity Next Door with the incomparable Tallulah Bankhead. She steals every scene she's in and knocks every line out of the park. Lucy has met her match in this one and then some. Bankhead's personality (and talent) is like a tornado that flattens everyone in its path. Remember: "When Miss Bankhead is bored, Miss Bankhead will let you know." She can take the most mundane lines and deliver them with verve and humor that seems to come out of nowhere. She is brilliant.

    The rest of the episodes pale in comparison to this episode and certainly to nearly every I Love Lucy episode. Watch The Celebrity Next Door and skip the rest of them.