Steve McQueen's Josh Randall (Wanted Dead or Alive) was introduced in an episode of Trackdown: The Bounty Hunter (1958) (later spun off into its own series).

The end credits claim the stories are true and based on the cases and files of the Texas Rangers.

The character "Hoby Gilman" was introduced on Zane Grey Theater, season 1 episode 27 "Badge of Honor", aired in May 1957.

Hoby Gilman was one of the very few TV (or movie) western heroes who did not carry a Colt .45 revolver. Rather, he carried a .44 caliber 1877 Smith and Wesson New Model 3 revolver.

Typically has the sleeve cuff of his drawing hand turned up distinguishing Culp from other TV western heroes.

Ed Prentiss, the narrator, not only acted in many radio and TV shows but during the 1940s was the voice of Captain Midnight on radio