The show used Bell Helicopter Models 47G and 47J Ranger for the series.

Whirlybirds helicopter number was N975B. It could be seen on both sides and on the bottom of the copter. Also was called out when they made radio calls.

The idea for Whirlybirds came from the ["I Love Lucy" (1951) {Bon Voyage (#5.13)}] that aired 16 Jan, 1956. Bob Gilbreath did all the aerial stunts for both the I Love Lucy episode and all the Whirlybirds episodes.

The Whirlybirds headquarters was in Longwood Field, California.

["Lassie" (1954) {The Rescue (#7.4)}] is a Whirlybird crossover. Chuck Martin (Kenneth Toby) a helicopter pilot, rescues Timmy off a unstable cliff ledge.