Jonathan Clark: People hate because they fear, and they fear anything they don't understand, which is almost everything.

Eve Wingate: Maybe people really aren't worth saving.

Jonathan Clark: I don't know. There are a lot of nice ones around.

[Clark turns on a transistor radio, music plays]

Eve Wingate: What in heavens name is that?

Jonathan Clark: Rock 'n' roll.

Eve Wingate: Rock 'n' roll?

Jonathan Clark: Music, almost.

Newscaster: The search for Jonathan Clark still goes on without success. The federal authorities are repeating their warnings: People are not to take the law into their own hands. In the past forty-eight hours, one man answering the description of Jonathan Clark has already been killed. Remember, Clark in only in contempt for refusal to obey a congressional summons to surrender to the authorities.

Dr. Karl Neuhaus: As soon as I heard of the ultimatum, I subjected myself to a fatal overdose of gamma radiation.

Jonathan Clark: Then you're going to invade us.

The Alien: Oh, no. No, our moral code does not permit us to invade nor to destroy any form of intelligent life. We are prepared to lend you a weapon, a weapon which will permit you to destroy yourselves without harming your planet. This weapon affects only human life. Nothing else will be harmed. It will be loaned to you for twenty-seven of the thirty-five days remaining to us. If at the end of that time, midnight of the twenty-seventh day, Greenwich Time, you've not used it, the weapon will automatically become harmless. You are under no compulsion to make use of the weapon.

Eve Wingate: Men commit a variety of crimes and they always seem to have the same excuse.

Jonathan Clark: A lot of my convictions have begun to wear pretty thin in the last few days. For instance I had a very strong conviction that there wasn't a woman alive who could make me fall in love.

[a running Ivan Godofsky is illuminated by a spotlight]

Russian Officer: Going somewhere, Private Godofsky?