Amantha Starr: You say you won't touch me. You give me your *word* as a gentleman. Well, what's to stop you from breakin' your word late one night and forcin' yourself on me while I sleep?

Hamish Bond: [grins] Only the word of a gentleman.

Amantha Starr: [late that night, unable to sleep] He said he wouldn't. But those are his footsteps, coming down the hall. Coming closer!

[listens tensely]

Amantha Starr: He didn't! Not tonight, anyway. Why not?

[Frowning at first, she thinks it over, then gradually falls asleep]

Amantha Starr: [Wakes up in bed, stretches] Mr. Hamish Bond can't keep me here! I'm leaving the moment his back is turned.

Michele: [Offers a tray of food] The Master said those low-down men didn't bother to feed you. You must be very hungry.

Amantha Starr: [Frowns] I'll leave... as soon as I've had the chance to rest and recover my strength.

[Picke up a knife and fork and begins to eat]

Rau-Ru: Yes, l hate him! At least with the lash of a whip, you know what to fight against. But this kindness is a trap that can hold you in bondage forever. I hate what he's done to me!

Miss Idell: Big, aren't you?... Strong as a bull, I imagine.

Capt. Seth Parton: My strength is of the spirit, Miss Idell.

Miss Idell: Maybe so, Seth, but if your muscles ever get to wrestling with your spirit, I'll buy a ticket to the contest.

Capt. Seth Parton: Good day.

Hamish Bond: Wherever you go, l don't want to know whee it is - I don' ever want to know where you are...