The film proved to be a complete failure on release, both critically and commercially. Clark Gable was annoyed by the comparisons with Gone with the Wind (1939) and instructed his agent, "If it doesn't suit an old geezer with false teeth, forget about it." He also decided to part company with Raoul Walsh, previously one of his favorite directors.

The movie was derisively nicknamed "The Ghost of Gone with the Wind".

The five thousand dollars that Hamish Bond (Clark Gable) pays to buy Amantha Starr (Yvonne de Carlo) at a slave auction would be worth close to one hundred fifty-two thousand dollars in 2018.

As a result of her great success with The Ten Commandments (1956), Yvonne De Carlo was offered the female leads in two Warner Brothers films: The Helen Morgan Story (1957) and this movie. She chose this movie after learning that Clark Gable, one of her favorite actors, would be her co-star.

During filming, Clark Gable was disappointed when the U.S. government sided with the Soviet Union in the Suez Crisis.

In her 1987 autobiography, Yvonne De Carlo wrote: "Band of Angels made money, but it was not the hit we all hoped it would be. It was said that the timing wasn't right to deal with racial issues."

In the pilot for 77 Sunset Strip (1958) "Girl on the Run", co-star Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. goes to the theater to see this movie.

At approximately 1:35 Maj.Gen. Benjamin Butler issues his infamous General Orders #28, historically accurate. The Confederates in New Orleans despised Butler.

The first appearance of James Bond. Hamish is Scottish/Gaelic for James. So this technically this is the first movie with James Bond.

During his confession about being a slave trader, Hamish Bond mentions his African partner King Gezo several times. Gezo was a real person, and Bond's descriptions of his activities, as well as the methods of the slave traders who worked with him, match closely to contemporary historical records.

Hamish Bond also describes avoiding the British Navy while operating slave ships. During the thirty years before the U.S. Civil War, Great Britain took the lead in trying to prevent the slave trade. It attempted without success to negotiate an end to slave transportation with King Gezo of Dahomey, and the British Navy actively patrolled the Atlantic Ocean to interdict slave ships transporting Africans to the slave markets in the Caribbean and the American South. So Hamish Bond would have had good reason to fear and avoid British warships. Anti-slavery feelings in Great Britain were so strong that it kept Britain from interceding on behalf of the South during the Civil War, despite the hopes of the plantation owners, expressed in this film, that the British need for cotton for their cloth mills would lead Britain to side with the South.

Unlike the screenplay, the Robert Penn Warren novel had Hamish Bond (Clark Gable) getting hanged by Union soldiers for burning his crops, and Amantha Starr (Yvonne de Carlo) ended up accepting the marriage proposal from Lieutenant Ethan Sears (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.).