Johnny Rico: [to Eddie] Okay, okay, so nobody's blaming you. Let's just say something happened way back when, huh? So maybe I am gonna die, but Eddie, you've got even bigger troubles. You're gonna live.

Vic Tucci: [Looking at the back seat where Jean and Eddie are sitting] Jean's a real good sport - right, sweetheart?

Jean: [She giggles] Why don't you let him find out for himself?

Eddie Rico: [He smiles] You can do better, honey. I'm a married man.

Jean: Oh, but they're the best kind... no?

Eddie Rico: Maybe some other time, eh?

Jean: [She smiles] That's a definite date, doll!

Sid Kubik: A family should stick together.

[Referring to Eddie's mother]

Sid Kubik: Everything I got, what I am, I owe to her... because of what she did for me. My name is Kubik, but in here I'm a Rico!

[He pointedly indicates his heart]

Sid Kubik: Especially when it comes to Mama... such a woman! I might as well say it right out... I worship her.

Eddie Rico: [to Johnny] Now don't be a dumb kid all your life!

Norah Malaks Rico: Why dumb? Because he's too smart to listen to you?

Alice Rico: Darling, I'm not blaming you. You had no choice.

Eddie Rico: Oh, but I did have a choice twenty years ago. When Kubik offered me that job, I should have thrown it in is face. He showed me a plush-lined rat hole, and I crawled in it and made it my home!

Johnny Rico: [to Eddie] When do you think the executioners will come.

Mrs. Rico: My boys are dead! What's there to live for?