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  • brogmiller13 November 2019
    It is difficult to know where Fellini ends and de Filippo begins in this venture. One critic has observed that 'de Filippo has made a Fellini film from a Fellini script'. What really matters of course is how good is the film. In the opinion of this reviewer it is very good indeed. For fans of Giulietta Masina this may come as something of an anti-climax after 'La Strada' and 'Notte di Cabiria' but her performance here as Nanda is excellent and bears comparison. Alberto Sordi also excels as Peppino in what could be a thankless role in the hands of a lesser actor. All of the 'minor' characters are wonderfully drawn notably Franca Marzi as the full-bodied rival for Peppino's affections and Aldo Silvani in a beautifully understated performance as the Prince whilst de Filippo himself is touching as the head of the troupe of second rate actors. The revelation however is Paul Douglas who is obviously cast with a view to the American market. He is superb in the role of the Professor and his scene in the wrestling ring one of the film's highlights. Aldo Tonti is again behind the camera as indeed he was for 'Cabiria'. Should the music sound familiar it is because Nino Rota re-used the theme for 'The Godfather' some fourteen years later! This is a haunting. touching and captivating film and proved to be a jubilant surprise.