Nellie Neilson: [after Jeanne has slapped a desk twice in frustration] Double emphasis... you don't need it.

Jeanne Eagels: Maybe I come from nowhere, but I'm *going* somewhere!

Sal Satori: [opening the picture book at the relevant page] Your Honor, I would like you to compare Venus De Milo the world's most perfectly formed woman, and here you have her, not in cold marble but in flesh and blood and in humility. 'Course we must make allowances for the arms...

[to Jeanne]

Sal Satori: don't be afraid, go closer, see the judge is a student of the arts, he would like to make a comparison.

[to the Judge]

Sal Satori: Would you say she is any less beautiful? Would you? Would you?

Judge: Case dismissed!

Elsie Desmond: I was a Golden Girl too, once...

Sal Satori: You don't just step on a person's neck!

Jeanne Eagels: Johnny, who are these peasants?

Jeanne Eagels: [into the ear of her passed-out husband] He said 'Happy New Year'!