Wayne: [Wayne has goaded Deke into singing at the Buckhorn Tavern... Deke sings to keep peace, he turns to Wayne after he's finished] Well, you ain't bad, sideburns.

Jimmy Tompkins: Now tell me what it is you do for a living.

Wayne: I work with my old man in auto accessories, why?

Jimmy Tompkins: Well, I usually get paid for singin' as a rule. And I figure you oughta do whatever it is you do for me. So how 'bout steppin' outside and puttin' a new set of seatcovers on my car, huh?

Wayne: Why sure, sideburns! What color you want?

[turns to the people at his table]

Wayne: I figure his color's yellow, don't you?

[Deke pulls Wayne out of his seat and starts viciously beating him]

Frank: [on the phone] Get the police, quickly!

[Deke and Wayne continue until Deke wins by a knockout]

Jimmy Tompkins: It's not my future you care about, it's your's. It's what I can do for you. You don't care about me, or about Tex, or about anybody but yourself.

Glenda Markle: You've got fifteen minutes to get on that stage and find out if you've even got a future.

Teddy: [to the band] Give him a little boogie-woogie, that'll get him started.

[Band starts playing "Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do"]

Teddy: Yeah, now go, Deke, GO!

Wayne: [Wayne is trying to persuade Deke to sing at the Buckhorn tavern after being politely refused] Now I told my girl I could get you to sing! A man can't go back on his word, can he, fella?

Skeeter: [stands up] Look, maybe you didn't hear me... "fella", but Mr. Rivers doesn't sing in juke joints. So how about going back over there and drink your malted, huh?

Frank: [Wayne shoves Skeeter to the floor, girls gasp] Hey, are these music people causing some trouble here?

Jimmy Tompkins: [rushing up] There's no trouble, sir. You mind if I sing a song with these people here?

Frank: Well, uh...

Wayne: [interrupting] No, he don't mind!


Wayne: Or do you Frank?

Frank: [stammering] No... I don't... mind.

[Deke sings "Mean Woman Blues"]

Jimmy Tompkins: [singing] If-a you don't call me, baby, then I'm never coming home.

Rowdy girl at concert: What's your number, honey, I'll call ya.