Elvis Presley's parents Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley were cast as audience members in this film. After Gladys died Elvis never watched it again, saying it hurt too much to see his mother on screen.

Elvis Presley dyed his light-brown hair into jet black to celebrate his first color film, and kept it that way for the rest of is life.

Dolores Hart sings "Detour" in the film. The song was originally a hit sung by Patti Page. Her husband worked as a choreographer for this film.

Jana Lund gives Elvis Presley his very first screen kiss.

Was re-released with King Creole (1958) while Elvis Presley was in the army.

It was director Hal Kanter's idea to use Elvis Presley's parents as extras.

The Italian title of the movie, "Amami Teneramente", literally translates as "Love Me Tender", which is of course the title of Elvis' first movie (known in Italy as "Fratelli Rivali" i.e. "Rival Brothers").

Film debut of Dolores Hart.

A line of dialogue inspired the name of The Monkees, when Deke (Elvis Presley)says to his controlling managers in a moment of rebellion, "That's what you're selling, isn't it? A monkey in a zoo."

NBC acquired the rights to the film shortly after Elvis' death in 1977.

Working titles for the movie were Stranger In Town, Sonething For The Girls, and Lonesome Cowboy, before Loving You was settled on.

Dolores Hart became a nun after meeting Pope John XXIII in the 1960s.

Was 7th on Variety's list in it's opening weekend.

Elvis Presley lodged in Hollywood's Knickerbocker hotel while filming in Paramount Studios.