Final full length feature film of Maureen Swanson.

Sgt. Goring was played by Max Wagner, not the American actor as listed, but by a South Australian Police Sgt. as was one of the constables who was shot (Constable Harris). Several of the horses were supplied by the SAPOL.

Fourth filmed version of Rolf Boldrewood's 'Robbery Under Arms' novel. The other versions are Robbery Under Arms (1907), Captain Starlight, or Gentleman of the Road (1911), Robbery Under Arms (1920). A fifth version was released in1985.

'Captain Starlight, or Gentleman of the Road' (1911) was the only filmed version of the five film adaptations of the 1880s 'Robbery Under Arms' novel by Rolf Boldrewood not to be entitled 'Robbery Under Arms'.

Both this filmed production, and the next filmed version of the story, 'Robbery Under Arms' (1985), were shot in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, with both productions utilizing the location of Wilpena Pound.

Cast members David McCallum and Jill Ireland formed a personal relationship during production of this movie in Australia and married after they returned to England. The pair were later divorced with Ireland famously marrying American tough guy movie star Charles Bronson.

The director Jack Lee was, interestingly, the chairman of the South Australian Film Corporation between 1976 and 1981, when the next version, 'Robbery Under Arms' (1985), was first being developed in 1981, but was not directly involved with the production itself.

Both this 1957 filmed production and 'Robbery Under Arms' (1985 ), the next version of Rolf Boldrewood's 'Robbery Under Arms', were filmed in South Australia and include the common locations of the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound.

Director Jack Lee once said: "I made a mistake choosing 'Robbery Under Arms', a complicated Victorian novel with masses of plots and subplots, and too much moralizing. However, I went ahead and chose the part for Peter Finch, who complained that he was overshadowed by everyone else, and in a way he was right. Janni [producer Joseph Janni] and I weren't happy with the script and would have liked to put it off for another year. But we were under pressure from Rank and we had to go ahead with an inadequate script. There are one or two nice scenes in it but it's too slow and talky."

Star Peter Finch had made another feature film in Australia, 'The Shiralee' (1957), immediately prior to this picture.

American movie star Gregory Peck was once touted to possibly play Captain Starlight.

Ealing Studios had originally planned to make this film after 'The Overlanders' (1946) and 'Eureka Stockade' (1949) but the Rank Organisation ended up producing the picture.

Screenwriter William Lipscomb was recruited to write the screenplay by the Ealing Studios.

Legendary Australian director Ken G. Hall wanted to direct the picture but was impeded by the closure by Ealing Studios-owned Pagewood Studios in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The name of source novelist Rolf Boldrewood was an alias / pen-name / pseudonym / nom-de-plume for Thomas Alexander Browne (1826-1915).

The subtitle of the source 1880s novel of the same name by Rolf Boldrewood is: "A Story of Life and Adventure in the Bush and in the Goldfields of Australia".

The film's closing credits state that this production was: ''Made in Australia and at Pinewood Studios, London, England''. They add that: ''The picture was shot in and around the Flinders Range, South Australia and at Bourke, New South Wales.''

The narrator's opening commentary states: "Vast, empty, lonely. A land the size of Europe. A land where gold was to be found, fortunes won from the soil, yet so sparsely peopled, a man could ride for a month without meeting another soul. A land where an outlaw was hard to find, but where, for the most part, people worked hard and some prospered.''

The film's opening credits state that the production is ''a British film made in Australia and at Pinewood Studios, London, England'' and that ''all characters and events in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.''

Both of the set and filmed in Australia, and made in 1957, films starring actor Peter Finch, ''The Shiralee' (1957) and 'Robbery Under Arms (1957), have been remade by the South Australian Film Corporation [See: 'The Shiralee' (1987) and 'Robbery Under Arms' (1985)].