Inquisitor: [after condemning Joan to death by fire] It's a terrible thing to see a young and innocent creature crushed between the Church and the Law.

Cauchon: You call her innocent?

Inquisitor: Quite innocent, she didn't understand a word we were saying.

St.Joan of Arc: Shall I arise from the dead and come back to you, a living woman?

Warwick: Rome made you a saint, we had no hand in the business. Let Rome decide.

Cauchon: Stay where you are, woman. A dead saint is always safer for the Church than a living one...

St.Joan of Arc: O God who made this beautiful earth, when will it be ready to receive your saints? How long, o Lord? How long?

The Dauphin, Charles VII: [after he is anointed and crowned in Rheims Cathedral] That holy oil Joan talked about is rancid.

Archbishop of Rheims: Your Majesty, that oil is nearly a thousand years old. It was brought by an angel to King Clovis.

The Dauphin, Charles VII: Well, no doubt it was fresher then.

St.Joan of Arc: It was easy to fight the Goddamns and still to love them. A blasphemy is a kind of prayer.

Dunois, Bastard of Orleans: Do you expect people to love you for showing them up?

The Dauphin, Charles VII: The moment comes when the soldier must give way to the statesman.

John de Stogumber: I didn't know what I was doing. I am a hotheaded fool, and I shall be damned to eternity for it.

John de Stogumber: Some of the people laughed at her. They would have laughed at Christ.

The Dauphin, Charles VII: It's always you good men who do the big mischiefs.

Archbishop of Rheims: An event that creates faith does not deceive. Therefore it is not a fraud, but a miracle.

The Dauphin, Charles VII: Now, what's the good of sitting on the throne, when the other fellows are giving all the orders?

De Courcelles: Were you in a state of grace when you stole the Bishop's horse?

Cauchon: The devil take the Bishop's horse.

Warwick: What would you say if the Pope found her innocent?

John de Stogumber: He's a foreigner, too, my lord. And in England...

Warwick: You do not consider him to be infallible.

John de Stogumber: Of course, my lord. In faith and in morals...

Warwick: But this is politics.

St.Joan of Arc: Be you a saint?

English Soldier: Yes, lady, straight from hell.

Dunois, Bastard of Orleans: A saint, and from hell!

English Soldier: Yes, noble captain, I have a day off. Every year, you know. That's my allowance for my one good action.

Cauchon: Wretch! In all the years of your life did you do only one good action?

English Soldier: I never thought about it: it came natural like. But they scored it up for me.

The Dauphin, Charles VII: What was it?

English Soldier: Why, the silliest thing you ever heard of. I...

St.Joan of Arc: He tied two sticks together, and gave them to a poor lass that was going to be burned.

St.Joan of Arc: [to Cauchon] But what happened to thee? Art thou dead or alive?

Cauchon: Dead. Dishonoured. They pursued me beyond the grave. They excommunicated my dead body; they dug it up and flung it into the sewer.

[about her voices]

St.Joan of Arc: They come from God.

Robert de Baudricourt: They come from your imagination.

St.Joan of Arc: Of course. That is how the messages of God come to us, through our imagination.

The Dauphin, Charles VII: You will pretend to be me.

Gilles de Rais: [to a fellow cardplayer] Pretend to be that thing. Holy Michael!

St.Joan of Arc: Are you the Bastard?

Dunois, Bastard of Orleans: Are you the Maid?

St.Joan of Arc: There's no help, no council in any of you. I thought I would have friends in the court of France, and I find only wolves fighting for pieces of her poor torn body. I believed that you, who now cast me out, would be like strong towers to keep harm from me. But I'm wiser now and nobody is any the worse for being wiser. Don't think you can frighten me by telling me that I'm alone. France is alone... and God is alone... and what is my loneliness before the loneliness of my country and my God?