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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can understand why Viktor Staals career went down. In the beginning he was a good leading man but as he got older his baby face worked against him after the war. Many film makers couldn't put him in roles they felt couldn't fit his baby face. This worked against him.He plays a crooked mayor of a Heimat village, He was only in his late 40's and yet he looked younger in 59 , two years after I was born.He has a 19 year old daughter and yet it just doesn't fit cause he's too young looking. I guess if she was born in 1939 or 40 it would make sense. This movie has real character with disabilities no fake. A real actress with down syndrome and an actor who is mentally slow and a stutterer. They are portrayed very sympathetically with personality.Well Wolf Albach Retty ,who portrays the Baron, Hires artist Bert Fortel, who's just come back from college,to watch the forest against poachers.HE meet back his child hood sweat heart, the daughter of the baron, played by Katja Kessler. They go to the annual Tyrolean carnival.When she and Bert are dancing , he notices the crooked Mayors daughter,played by Marriane Hold. After He and his sweet heart dance the next dance, He starts to dance with the mayors Daughter, either runs or works at a Tyrolean pub with her disabled friend.The Mayor ,out there too,Don't like it that his daughter is dancing with the anti poacher. WE learn later on that Viktor is the leader of the poachers and does as much as he can to stop Bert.He eventually , Bert, Defeats the Mayor and accidentally kills him. I guess his daughter was sympathetic to his crime. She get's mad at Bert, but she still in love with him. HE goes back to his sweet heart. She get's more jealous . She con fronts Katja. She explains they were just child hood sweet hearts and wern't serious about each other. She get's relief.Well angered members of the poachers set up a trick against Bert.They put dead stag in his closet and he's accused of breaking the laws and is fired. He leaves the village and Marriane misses him. She goes to the priest , played by Third Reich survivor, Mathias Wieman , to talk about her problems. The rest of the poachers get mad at one of the members. who was the guitar player at the pub in Tirol, for setting up the stag trick . It seemed to effect them . They chased him in the woods and he gets killed falling in from a ledge. Bert gets' his job back and Girl. The disabled actress does a few song numbers. Her slow boy friend is used as a run around for the poachers, Wolf has only a few scenes his career was slowly dwindling.Fair entertainment.