Cheyenne (1955) season five, episode seven, "Duel at Judas Basin", was the only one to feature Hardin, Walker, and Will Hutchins all in the same episode.

After Clint Walker temporarily quit Cheyenne (1955) over a contract dispute, the producers cast Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne to replace him. The Cheyenne name was kept in the title, however, when Walker returned, and this became its own series.

This series was part of "The Cheyenne Show", and rotated each week with Cheyenne (1955) and Sugarfoot (1957).

Producers had Ty Hardin change his last name from Hungerford to "Hardin", in reference to the famous gunslinger John Wesley Hardin.

Bronco is Spanish for "rough".

Premiered on ABC on September 23, 1958. Its sixty-eighth and final episode aired on April 30, 1962.

Ty Hardin's film career went nowhere after the series ended. During the 1970s and 1980s he was heavily involved with the "Arizona Patriots", a far right and anti-Semitic organization that illegally stockpiled guns.