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  • . . . but she made the show. Young, beautiful and the quintessential "dumb blonde" you hear about so often, Barbara Eden made this series work.

    The entire show was fast and sweet and quite enjoyable. It loosely followed the movie and provided some laughs.

    Filmed in black and white, with the canned laugh track fully operational, it followed the exploits of three young ladies - Mike, Loco and Greta - as they tried to snare themselves three very rich husbands. They could hardly afford to eat (and yet, in each episode, they wore more designer clothes per minute then you'd see on any Paris runway), but they managed to afford a penthouse apartment on the right side of the track. As this was not shown on network television, they never benefitted from syndication or a reunion special but as it was so sweet and funny, I sort of wish there could be one.
  • Greta was my favorite. While Barbara Eden, as Loco, was very funny and a bit daffy, and Mike, played by Merry Anders, seemed like the one in charge when little disagreements arose, there was something about Greta that really appealed to me. She was very pretty, soft-spoken, and very likable.

    This was a show that anyone could watch. Nothing offensive back in those days. If you liked the movie "How to Marry a Millionaire", then you'd like this series.

    I was only seven years old when this series premiered, but I never missed it. I was always home in front of the TV, waiting for it to come on. After Lori Nelson left, it just wasn't the same. I really missed her.

    I wish somebody would find the old film or find any other way to give this series back to the fans. I'd love to see it again. I can remember a few of the episodes from start to finish, and I can actually visualize them as though I were sitting in front of my TV watching them right now.

    Gee, I really miss some of the old series that were on when I was a child!
  • "How to Marry a Millionaire" began airing in syndication on October 1957 as one of the first series based on a feature film. It marked the fifth series filmed by 20th Century Fox, who made a number of series based on their films. The sitcom ran for 52 episodes over two seasons. It wasn't widely seen then and remains a rather obscure series, only recently made available in a nice but no-frills, inexpensive MOD release of both seasons.

    The series stars Barbara Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie") in her first recurring television role as Loco Jones. Rounding out the starring roles are Merry Anders as Mike McCall and Lori Nelson as Greta Hanson (replaced in season two by Lisa Gaye). Like the popular film it was based on, three lovely young ladies move to Park Avenue in New York City determined to find a rich husband. The episodes follows their misadventures trying to meet someone while at the same time avoiding eviction from their posh penthouse. There were some interesting guest stars throughout the series (Morey Amsterdam, Richard Deacon, Ted Knight, and especially Werner Klemperer, twice). The series was canceled after 13 episodes of its second season.

    Reflecting upon the series after just watching every episode, "How to Marry a Millionaire" had moments of fine comedy writing, but was more often than not predictable- a mere footnote of 50s sitcoms. When you have a talent like Morey Amsterdam disappear in his lone appearance, you have to question the writing. For a long stretch of the series it felt predictable like "Gilligan's Island", without much comedy. (You know they're not going to achieve their goal when you're watching an episode.) But, there are episodes I'll enjoy watching again and as a fan of classic television, I'm happy to have it in my collection.

    The clear pleasure was the zany comedy of Barbara Eden's beautiful but ditzy Loco. Nearly all of the comedy came from her. ("For the Love of Art" was a favorite. In one scene, Loco is trying to impress without her glasses and browsing through an art gallery admiring how realistic this one painting was... She was unknowingly looking out the window.) Merry Ander's Mike was given virtually no character development, just a straight-faced de facto leader of the trio. Lori Nelson's Greta was also a serious character, but given more to be likable. In short, for the characters of Mike and Greta, landing a millionaire was no laughing matter. I liked the gorgeous Lisa Gaye's brief, but wholesome character. Thanks for the entertainment girls.
  • This was one great TV show. Entertaining, funny, serious and mischievous all rolled into one. Too bad someone can't come up with the shows and make them available. The same goes for 'Jamie' starring Brandon De Wilde. Another show that was made for total home viewing with moral values.

    Comedy can be funny without certain words. Just look at all the shows that are in rerun compared to those in prime time spots that are just moving wherever the wind takes them.

    So if you're out there and you have these shows on tape, etc... take it some place and make them available to the public.

    They are just 2 of many good shows that need to be brought hack and put into the mainstream so the younger generation can see what family values were really all about.
  • gcrespo6 December 2015
    I used to watch this show when I was very young and I remember the characters. Lori Nelson left and being young at the time I didn't understand why she wasn't on any more. But I found the show very funny and wish one of those sub-channels would run it today. I was familiar with the leads having seen them in a lot of film and television and the chemistry was good. Lisa Gaye was brought in as a new character, good idea that they didn't re-cast the Lori Nelson part. Semi-regular parts were taken by Jimmy Cross and Joseph Kearns. I always wondered why Ms Nelson left the series, met her a few years ago at one of those nostalgia shows and should have asked her at the time. Merry Anders who left us 3 years ago worked in a lot of films in the 60's and Lisa Gaye was the sister of Debra Paget, Teala Loring and Frank Griffith, all of whom were in films and of course Barbara Eden. Have to get the DVD of this series.
  • "How to Marry a Millionaire",a light,bright syndicated comedy story of 3 girls on a merry man hunt search for Meeting wealthy millionaires in the hopes of marrying a wealthy millionaire with any schemes they could think of so,help them Fort Knox.