The pianist who played the well known piano portion of the "Peter Gunn Theme" was future film composer John Williams.

This was one of the first television shows to have its own original score, and it was the first to feature modern jazz for a soundtrack. Previously, producers used generic music scores that were used in many television productions. RCA released an album of music from this show featuring the title song and other pieces. It reached number one on the Billboard chart, stayed there ten weeks, and stayed on the list for the next two years. It was so successful, that RCA put together a sequel. Henry Mancini received an Emmy nomination for the theme, and won two Grammys for the album.

Associate Producer Byron Kane portrayed Barney, the bartender. He was never credited for playing this role.

Blake Edwards and Henry Mancini would later went on to create The Pink Panther franchise from 1963-2009.

Reached number seventeen in the Nielsen ratings for the 1958 to 1959 season.

Peter Gunn (Craig Stevens) drove a 1958 two-tone DeSoto two-door hardtop in the first few episodes. Next he drove a 1959 Plymouth Fury convertible with a white top and a car phone. In the third season, he drove a 1961 white Plymouth Fury convertible with a car phone.

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