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  • Excellent police procedural. Derived from "man from Cocise" but stripped of that previous series' sentimentality and occasional cuteness. Professionally written, produced, directed, acted, photographed, essentially a series of 50 minute B-movies.

    On a par with M-Squad and Highway Patrol, in some ways ahead of its time. Future stars abound as villains and side-characters, including Michael Landon and Jack Lord.

    Tough dialog, tough situations, violent, sharp edge. just great entertainment for those who love Police procedural/action films with cheaper budgets.
  • Just like the TV series "The Sheriff Of Cochise" (1956-1958), which also starred actor, John Bromfield, I certainly enjoyed viewing this "U.S. Marshal" TV series (1958-1960), as well.

    In both of these well-scripted programs, John Bromfield (1922-2005) played the no-nonsense lawman, Frank Morgan, whose primary stomping ground was in and around Tuscon and the Cochise County in Arizona, USA.

    Facing modern-day problems usually taken care of by the city police force, Sheriff/Marshal Morgan could always be counted on to diligently do his job of lawfully protecting those citizens in his territory.