Theresa: That's easy Frank, women just play dumb, men are born that way.

Frank: But the state of stress in the world today, a man's got to have a pretty good pair of... kidneys

Anna Lucasta: Everything's slowed down to a stop.

Noah: When your train is going too fast, God puts the brakes on, to give you a chance to think.

Anna Lucasta: I don't want to think. I want to drink.

Blanche: Hey, Anna, do you think there's a reward for lost articles?

Anna Lucasta: I'd sure like to be found.

Joe Lucasta: She DON'T come back in this house! She DON'T come back in this house!

Anna Lucasta: Don't apologize. You're too good looking for that.

Danny Johnson: You and me, we're real people, Anna. We're the real stuff. Many's the time we set the Earth on fire. You stick with me and we'll burn it up!