Abe Carbo: Might as well face it, Simon. You're gonna have to kiss the fifty thousand goodbye. Lew's holding the trump card.

Judge Simon Agry: Lew never saw the day he could outfox me. And nobody ever saw me kiss fifty thousand dollars goodbye.

Pecos Hill: Well, what are we going to do now?

Tom Buchanan: First tie him up. Then fix us some food, Then... I'm not sure.

Tom Buchanan: For a West Texan you do killin' awful cheap, Pecos.

Juan de la Vega: Buchanan, when you have a Mexican as a friend, you must allow him to repay you for all that you have done.

Tom Buchanan: I ramrodded some, a little border spread. Then I got some ideas about honing for my own, so I crossed the line and tried to stake myself to some animals.

Judge Simon Agry: By rustling?

Tom Buchanan: No, sir... fighting!

Judge Simon Agry: So you're a fighter?

Tom Buchanan: Yes, sir.

Judge Simon Agry: What kind of fighting?

Tom Buchanan: Most any kind... providing there's money in it. Joined General Campos in Mexico.

Judge Simon Agry: Then murder is nothing new to you, Buchanan.

Tom Buchanan: Ain't murder when you kill in a revolution.

Judge Simon Agry: Why aren't you still there?

Tom Buchanan: The revolution petered out. Besides, I got myself a stake.

Lew Agry: We were voted out of a double hanging, Buchanan. Unless you get on that horse and start riding, we'll make up for it with a double bury.

[Pecos speaks over Lafe's grave]

Pecos Hill: Lafe, you and me worked for Lou Agry for nearly a year, and though I don't guess we was ever real buddies, I'm sorry it was me who stopped your clock. You had your good side, Lafe, but you had your bad side, too. Well... like cheatin' at stud and emptying my pockets whenever I got drunk. But I ain't holding these things against you, Lafe. And if you're holding a grudge against me, Lafe, just remember that when it come down to choosing between you and Buchanan here, well, I just had to choose Buchanan on account of he's a West Texan. And like I always say, let bygones be bygones. And I hope you're saying the same wherever you are. Well, so long, Lafe. You died real good.

Lew Agry: Let's take him over to the jailhouse and wait for him to come to. When I hang a man, I like him to know what's going on.

Waldo Peek: All right. Quiet, quiet, everybody! Your trial is about to start. Now Jim here is going to pass among you with a tray and the Judge wants me to have you put all your glasses in that tray... empty! The Judge don't want no more liquored-up opinion like he had in that last trial.

Lew Agry: You don't like this town?

Tom Buchanan: I don't like some of its people.

Lew Agry: Me included?

Tom Buchanan: You especially.

Lew Agry: Oh, you'd like to kill me, maybe?

Tom Buchanan: I'd like to give you what you and your boys gave me.

Lew Agry: Take the law into your own hands, is that it?

Tom Buchanan: No. Just you.

Pecos Hill: There ain't no place like West Texas.

Tom Buchanan: Then how come you're in California?

Pecos Hill: Oh, I fiddle-footed. This country is so dang big, a man just itches to move around it. One day I got tired of watching the sun go west and I just followed it on out here. But I ain't itchin' no more. Before long, I'll follow that sun right on back to where I come from.

Tom Buchanan: Sounds like you put a lot of store in bein' a Texan.

Pecos Hill: A man's gotta be loyal to somethin'.

Tom Buchanan: That's the same way I feel.

Lafe: Pecos, come on back here.

Pecos Hill: [Referring to murdering Buchanan] Buchanan, I want you to know I don't cotton none to this job.

Tom Buchanan: A man oughtn't do a job he don't cotton to, Pecos.

Judge Simon Agry: We get enough drifters coming across the border with nothing in their pockets. I wouldn't linger in Agry Town if I was you.

Tom Buchanan: I ain't gonna linger no place until I get back where I belong.

Abe Carbo: Where do you think you're going.

Tom Buchanan: West Texas.

Abe Carbo: Good, I'd advise you not to stay here. Like you say, this is my town now.

Tom Buchanan: Mr. Carbo, you can have it.

[last lines]

Abe Carbo: Don't just stand there Amos, get a shovel.

Tom Buchanan: Ain't anybody in this town that ain't an Agry?

Lew Agry: [to Amos] Ever since this happened you've been running around town like a chicken with its head cut off.