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  • lee_eisenberg4 September 2012
    In one of the rare occurrences in Warner Bros. cartoons, a character is married. Yes, Elmer Fudd (who looks like an infant) has a wife in "Don't Axe Me". Specifically, he and his wife own a farm on which Daffy never misses a chance to eat more than necessary, even snatching Barnyard Dawg's meals. So when the dog learns that the Fudds are having a guest over for dinner, he's determined to make them cook Daffy.

    The main interesting point with this cartoon is seeing Elmer as a husband for what is probably the only time in his career. Outside of Pepe Le Pew and Speedy Gonzales, the Looney Tunes were a pretty asexual bunch. Daffy's antics are pretty funny - especially when he removes Elmer's face - but the cartoon seems rather routine for the most part. Still, it's an enjoyable cartoon.
  • At Elmer Fudd's farmhouse, Daffy Duck has an endless appetite, to the point that he steals Rover the dog's food too. Fed up with this situation, the dog convinces Mrs Fudd that duck would make a great dinner. She dispatches Elmer to chop off the duck's head - something that Daffy is understandably against.

    I'm a really big fan of Daffy Duck and always feel that he is at his best when he is in his early persona of being manic and wacky. Even when he becomes more cynical and greedy he still manages to be one of my favourite Warner Brothers characters. Here he is a mix of the two personas to reasonably good effect. The plot sees him avoid the farmer's axe and, while it is never hilarious, it is still amusing.

    Rover has faced up to Daffy in other cartoons and he is a good character. Here he has a limited role but he still gets some early laughs. Daffy plays almost a Bugs Bunny role as he tries to outwit and get around Elmer Fudd; it doesn't totally suit him but it works well enough. Fudd himself is a bit bland and doesn't really combine well with Daffy in this case.

    Overall this is a pretty basic cartoon that doesn't really create too many laughs and almost nothing in the way of sequences. However it is still amusing as it has some good characters who are funny in their delivery of some reasonably good lines.
  • I don't think Don't Axe Me is the best Looney Tunes cartoon, but it is a nice and amusing one. The trouble is that the story is very very simple, and while there is some good humour, compared to other Daffy Duck cartoons it felt a tad humourless. Also as much as I like Elmer he is slightly blander than he usually is. Still, the quality of the animation is excellent, as you would expect in general with Looney Tunes. And Daffy while he has been better, is great, mixing his manic persona with his cynical one. I admit it though I prefer him when he is manic, it is so much fun when he is. Mel Blanc as always does a stellar job bringing Daffy to life.

    All in all, this is nice to watch, if rather simple in comparison to other Daffy cartoons. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    . . . including a rare appearance by an equally speech-challenged MRS. Elmer Fudd, as well as an exchange in which Barnyard Dog speaks directly to Mrs. Fudd during a Game of Charades, and she understands and replies back in American (as opposed to Bow-Wow). This latter conversation implies a means of communication which does NOT exist between Elmer and his mutt, based upon the lack of such a link during earlier scenes between the two males. (But who's expecting internal consistency from a cartoon, anyway?) When DON'T AXE ME is considered within the context of Warner Bros.' always prophetic Animated Shorts Seers division, however, perhaps the most salient thing about it is the sequence of items--axe, straight razor, axe again, and finally shot gun--with which Elmer--representing the Red Commie KGB Russian-backed White House usurper--seeks to behead Daffy Duck, who doubtless is a composite stand-in for all of the political hack stooges, Fifth Columnists, Quislings, and Traitors making up the Kremlin's "Cabinet" in Washington, DC, Today. With DON'T AXE ME, the Clairvoyant Looney Tuners are foreshadowing the current DC Swamp Critter Chaos, in which no member of the treasonous administration is safe in their position since Moscow is calling all of the shots.
  • utgard1415 September 2015
    Elmer Fudd is a farmer and Daffy is one of his ducks. What a weird start to this cartoon. Anyway, it gets weirder. Daffy is apparently a glutton who eats not only his own food but the food left for the other animals, including Barnyard Dog. When Elmer's wife needs to cook something for dinner, Elmer decides to kill Daffy. Barnyard Dog is only too happy to help. There's something so weird about this one. Aside from the plot and the way the characters are depicted, the colors are washed-out for a 1950s Looney Tunes short. Other than that, the animation is OK. Solid voice work from Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan. Special mention to June Foray as Elmer's wife, who speaks with her own adorable version of Elmer's speech impairment. Some of the gags are funny, including the ending. The weirdness of it makes it slightly more interesting than it would be otherwise. Still, it's not one of Daffy or Elmer's best.
  • This is a good, "comforting" Looney Tunes cartoon. It is comforting because there is little heavy slapstick and humour going on which almost every Looney Tunes seems to have (it does not make the average Looney Tunes cartoon worse for me, but it is good to have a change). It still has a few very funny jokes, traditional of Looney Tunes, but it is still nicely predictable and slowed down (in an odd way). One way this is done is with the animation. There is a subtle and peaceful yellow tone to this cartoon. Most of the things in the backgrounds, and even in Elmer Fudd's and his wife's face is yellow, without overdoing it.

    Anyhow, the main star of this cartoon is Daffy Duck. He is a farm animal owned by Elmer Fudd in this cartoon and is very greedy. Both Elmer Fudd and his dog are becoming very stressed with Daffy. That is why they both become very excited when a visitor is coming round. The dog has decided that Daffy should be the main meal..!

    I like this cartoon because of the difference of it, I quite like Daffy (although this is not my favourite personality of his) and I like the animation and some of the jokes.

    I recommend this cartoon to anyone who enjoys a calmer, simpler Looney Tune. Enjoy "Don't Axe Me"! :-)