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  • This title was very well executed for such a simple concept. The introduction does well to grip the viewer from the start, which helps with the slow pace (which itself isn't a bad thing). The main of the film does well to keep the viewer interested with the many different stories often giving many things to look forward to near the end of the film, and nearing the end of the film gives a lot of last minute surprises that helps lead towards the final scene which doesn't dance around the point any more than it needs to.

    As already said in other reviews, one of the things that adds to the charm is there is a lot of topics for a film based in Croatia that have been covered many times before by tons of different Crotatian films, but this film completely avoids even a slight mention of these topics and sticks to the actual aim of the film; to tell a story that has no relevance to what is happening in the country politically.
  • iznogoud21 April 1999
    The most unfortunate thing is that a very few people (outside Croatia) will ever see this film. A thrilling little masterpiece, it has the best chance of being the best movie ever in Croatian poor filmography. Great movie!

    Eternal glory to Nikola Tanhofer - died 1998.
  • This is the best film ever made in Croatia. Every single point, from the scenario, costumes, music, camera, editing and lights to the astonishing performances of the actors, is fantastic. I am sorry that all available tracks are in such poor condition and that it makes it hard to show the film to the audience outside Croatia. Hopefully that will change soon, I think someone took over the job of repairing it. I am also sorry that no contemporary Croatia's director is that good at the moment. I hope someone new will show up with that much style and give us some new good films like this one.

    All glory to Nikola Tanhofer!
  • This is absolutely one of the greatest Croatian movies and there's no doubt about it. It doesn't slave to any politics, any specific time, any commercialism and nothing of that kind. But this movie achieves to play with the clichees and functionally use them, to show real-blood characters, to maintain the tempo and to build suspense. We need more master pieces like this for 40 years now (except 'Tko pjeva zlo ne misli' and a few other films)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In May 2018 I read a detailed post on the new IMDb boards from a poster called "Delon" about a landmark Yugoslavia Drama/Thriller. Whilst it stayed near the top on my "watch list",I somehow kept missing the chance to view it. Taking part in ICM's Eastern European viewing challenge this month,I at last stepped onto the bus.

    View on the film:

    Speeding the camera into the crash site with rapid-fire tracking shots, co-writer/(with Zvonimir Berkovic and Tomislav Butorac) director Nikola Tanhofer & cinematographer Slavko Zalar twist the opening ten minutes into a twisted metal nightmare of zoom-ins to the seats where the passengers will die, and thick smoke over the "H-8" truck having it drive with the wages of impending fear into the bus. Taking a seat with the passengers,Tanhofer parks into the up close and personal state they are in with excellent, cramped panning shots across the seats, stopping in close-ups on the Melodrama of each passenger.

    Tuning the radio in with the very good un-credited narration from Slavica Fila, Tanhofer pins the Melodrama with an incredibly brittle, ominous Thriller atmosphere, plucked from Dragutin Savin's spine tingling score, Tanhofer counts down to the final bus stop with wonderfully abrasive cuts towards the ticking time bomb of whip-pans towards empty seats,soon to be filled with the deceased.Driving between the people on the bus and the mysterious "H-8" drivers, the screenplay by Berkovic, Butorac and Tanhofer holds a refined balance of drawing sharp thumbnail sketches for each passenger as they unbuckle their murky Melodrama secrets, with the grit of impending doom tension from the truck driver,as the bus heads for a collision course with H-8.
  • A disaster movie from Croatia. A quite interesting jewel that unfortunately only a few people have seen around the world. he character description is awesome, the same kind we could find in US disaster films such as AIRPORT series.