Captain Chris Ford: I'm here! Let's have the vulgar details and I'll run along.

Cmdr. Wadlow: What about going out right now with Captain Ford? Actually, if you watch him closely, then do exactly the opposite, you'll have it all down pat.

Captain David Ross: Nice pig sty you've got here.

Captain Chris Ford: Thank you.

Cmdr. Wadlow: [to Capt Ross] We've got you billeted at the Grand Hotel.

Captain Chris Ford: Oh, come now. Not the black hole of Calcutta! That's no way to treat an ally.

Stella: Why didn't you tell me you were going?

Captain Chris Ford: Because you look so pretty when you're asleep.

Captain David Ross: This is my old American friend, David Ross. You've heard of Lend-Lease? They meant him. He's finally arrived.

Captain David Ross: Sit down. I'm going to wash. And then, you wash. And then, we'll all have the finest baked beans on toast in the whole uncivilized world.

Cmdr. Wadlow: Have you known Chris a long time?

Captain Chris Ford: Oh, we used to run into each other a lot when the world was young and gay.

Captain David Ross: When Van Barger gave me a key, he made me promise to have another one made, just as soon as I ever used it, and to give it to someone on the tugs. I didn't know who to give it to. I want you to have it.

Captain Chris Ford: And I said I didn't want it.

Captain David Ross: Here. Here. You take it. Keep it. You have to keep it; because, I have to keep my promise to Van Barger.

Captain Chris Ford: Give it to somebody else.

Captain David Ross: Make me a promise, right now, that the moment you use it, if you ever have to, that you'll get another one made and you'll give it to someone, someone on the tugs, someone who's all right, you know, someone who needs it, you know what I mean. Then, you make them promise. Geez, its all been going on for a long time.

Captain Chris Ford: You're crazy. You'll outlive everybody. Anyway, I don't want it.

Captain David Ross: You want me to break your nose?

[Capt. Ross laughs]

Captain David Ross: You promise?

Captain Chris Ford: I promise.

Captain David Ross: And then, if anything does happen to me, you'll - you'll look after Stella, you'll see that she's all right?

Captain Chris Ford: Nothing is gonna happen to you.

Captain David Ross: We'll drink to that! Because, in my considered opinion, none of us - is gonna come out of this alive. Including you.

Captain Chris Ford: Thanks.

Captain Chris Ford: There's something funny, David. Stella, she's - she's wonderful. She's so good to me; but, sometimes - here hold this - sometimes I don't think she knows which is which. Phillip. Halpren. Van Barger. Me. It's all mixed up! She'd confused. You know, she called me Phillip once. I didn't say anything. She couldn't have told by my face. I'm sure, it's just - it's as if we're *all* the same man. Some - I don't know which one. I don't know which one and I don't care. It's strange, isn't it?

Hotel Porter: All I want is peace.

Captain David Ross: That's good enough for me too.

Hotel Porter: And you'll get it, Captain. You'll get it before you know what hit you. Read the casualty list.

Captain Van Dam: My dear fellow, war is nothing noble or sensible about it. It's simply an epidemic of madness and anyone who takes part in it is a lunatic and a murderer.

Captain Van Dam: In this work, one must learn how to live with fear.

Captain David Ross: You mean you're afraid too sometimes?

Captain Van Dam: Yeah. But, I believe in God. Let me tell you something. There are two kinds of fear. In the one, no matter how great your talent, you pray to God, and then you struggle desperately, even super-humanly, to survive. With the other, you're so frozen, so paralyzed, that you cannot move, and accept the death blow without a quit, almost with thanks. That is the dangerous fear.

Captain Van Dam: You see, my friend, there's only one enemy who really matters. The enemy within yourself.

Captain Van Dam: Above all, no drink and no bad women. Drink will destroy your judgement. And that kind of woman will bring you - bad luck.

Captain Van Dam: In times like these, it is much harder to command, than be commanded.

Grogan: I'm not convinced the Almighty intended for us to be placed in the hands of Americans. But, we shall see what we shall see.

Captain Chris Ford: Now, you watch me give my girl a first class hug and kiss.

Captain Chris Ford: I'll open the wine. Then we'll eat, drink and be happy; because, we're all wonderful people!

Captain David Ross: What would you say hit that tug?

Captain Chris Ford: Dive bomber? U-boat? Who knows? U-boat, most likely.

Captain David Ross: You run into many?

Captain Chris Ford: Oh, yes. Not the ones who lay the ducks low. They usually keep going off to the convoy. But, Jerrie's got a lot of mine laying subs in the neighborhood. Once they smell blood, they after us like vultures. They call this U-boat Alley, my boy. But, once we meet the ducks, we'll be all right; cause, she's got guns.

Captain David Ross: She's got guns? Don't we have guns?

Captain Chris Ford: Just what sort of a Navy do you think we've got here?

[first lines]

Captain Chris Ford: Say, can you tell me where Cmdr. Wadlow's office is?

Captain Van Dam: Has America come into the war?

Captain Van Dam: What's the story?

Captain David Ross: We've got a dance skirt with a cigar in number one hold and a load of high explosives.

Captain Van Dam: Did he give you the key?

Captain David Ross: Yes.

Captain Van Dam: Well, have a good time - as long as it last.

Stella: When do you want the flat?

Captain David Ross: I don't want it. It's yours.

Stella: No. It's your's now. You promised him you would take it. Otherwise, he would not have given you the key.

Stella: Oh, I see. You're shocked. I'm sorry. I didn't think all those rules were so important any more; now that people are so busy killing each other.

Captain David Ross: It's too bad you are what you are. But, you are, aren't you? You come with the flat, don't you?

Captain David Ross: I'm not brave. I'm scared. For the first time, I'm really scared. For the first time, I know what Chris was talking about. You know, they're all scared. But, I'm a Captain. I'm not supposed to be scared.

Captain David Ross: America's come into the war.

Stella: Does that mean that you will get a better guns?

Captain David Ross: I hope so.

Stella: Why didn't you wake me when you left?

Captain David Ross: Because you look so pretty when you're asleep.

Captain David Ross: If you're going to be doing the shopping, going in and out, you need a key. I've got an extra one. I had one made and I've just been carrying it around with me. I think you ought to have it from now on.

Stella: You were very good to me. You put me to bed and you didn't ask questions.

Captain David Ross: There's no sense in asking questions when you know the answers.

Stella: Do you?

Captain David Ross: Yes.

Stella: I would like to tell you more than you know.

Stella: He gave you the key?