McSween: [about the murdered Tunstall] Lord God, this was a quiet man. He lived the way a man ought to live. He did not lie. He did not hurt. He listened to any man who spoke to him.

Billy The Kid: Does that notch...? Does that stand for a man?

Joe Grant: That's what it stands for.

Billy The Kid: You had to put that there so you'd remember?

Joe Grant: That's right.

Billy The Kid: Was he asleep when you shot him?

Pat Garrett: [about the fragility of the amnesty] One shot - one ten cent bullet, and that's it!

Billy The Kid: They had me dead! That amnesty - that's for THEM! For Moon and hill and Grant! They walk around! I'm buried! They put dimes on my eyes!

Pat Garrett: This is my wedding, Billy. You try to start something, I'll take it hard.

Pat Garrett: You see I work up a sweat - to mind my own business.

Moultrie: [when he sees Billy] I knew you weren't dead!

Celsa: Stay here. They'll kill you!

Billy The Kid: They've been killin' me. Now I don't wait. I go first!

Celsa: What are you going to do?

Billy The Kid: I don't run. I don't hide. I go where I want. I DO what I want!

[He puts scarf around her neck and pulls her toward him in a provocative way]

Moultrie: [to Billy] What is it? What's wrong? You all right? You're not like the books! You don't wear silver studs! You don't stand up to glory! You're not him!


Moultrie: You're not him! You're not him!