Fred Maklin: Please... I beg of you. Do what you want with us, but in heaven's name release the girl!

Igor: Where did you come from? How did you get here?

Jerrie Turner: I guess you want to truth?

Igor: You are not only beautiful, you are smart. I will know if you are lying.

Jerrie Turner: I just swooshed in on a dry martini.

Igor: What is this "swoosh"?

Jerrie Turner: It's means to float, American slang.

Igor: So you floated in on a dry martini... I have heard of this martini. So the Americans are still using them, eh?

Fred Maklin: Those women in the cages Dr. Osler, those she demons...

Col. Karl Osler: She demons?


Col. Karl Osler: What an amusing name for my specimens. She demons! That's very amusing but quite appropriate.