• WARNING: Spoilers

    Spinning three story lines into motion the film follows the activities of Christian Diestl (Marlon Brando) - Christian Diestl, a German soldier troubled by the drive of Nazism in his beloved country and his association via the war with Noah Ackerman (Montgomery Clift) a Jewish American soldier and Michael Whiteacre (Dean Martin) a popular singer who is coerced by a loved one to join up and fight for his country. As the American soldiers Ackerman and Whiteacre go through training to eventually be sent to fight for their country, their story is balanced by the German soldiers Diestl and Capt. Hardenberg (Maximilian Schell) in their adjusting to the war defeating their country and their own unfounded beliefs in a national philosophy. Ultimately the forces at work are reduced to a personal level as the human quality in Man supersedes the ravages of war.