The gun, a rare customized LeMat, actually fired ten rounds, not the seven seen in the show. After the series was canceled Dick Powell gave the famous weapon--the only one used in the series--to Don Durant, who still has it.

Karen Sharpe's character, Laura Thomas, was written out of the series in mid-season after Sharpe repeatedly clashed with series producer Aaron Spelling concerning the way the lead female character was written. Sharpe thought Laura's character should be written as an adventurous tomboy, while Spelling wanted the role to be played as demure, lady-like eye candy.

First TV series produced by Aaron Spelling. In the pilot, the role of Laura Thomas was played by Marilyn Erskine. When it sold, Spelling replaced Erskine with Karen Sharpe.

Don Durant was the only prime-time TV cowboy to solely compose (lyrics and music) and sing the theme for his own show.

Johnny Ringo rode a chestnut horse with three white socks/stockings named "Bingo."

The only saloon featured in Velardi was The Golden Wheel.

Originated as an installment of the TV anthology series Zane Grey Theater (1956) telecast on March 5, 1959, also starring Don Durant: Zane Grey Theater: The Loner (1959).