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  • I never heard of "Startime" playhouse on television in 1959. Audie Murphy made a few appearances on television. His performance in "The Man" episode was not good. Mr. Murphy played a disturbed former soldier who is trying to kill his former buddy's mother (Thelma Ritter). Ms. Ritter is terrific. Mr. Murphy tried to keep up with Ms. Ritter. Their scenes together were good, but when he is alone and trying to act like a psycho, he overacts.

    The script is not very good. It doesn't explain why he wants to kill his buddy's mother, however, you can't stop watching the entire one-hour show. Another performance that was over Mr. Murphy's head was in "The Quiet American". Mr. Murphy was best in westerns.

    The highlight came after the show was when Mr. Murphy spoke to the audience, apparently, it wasn't a routine thing to do for the star of the show, but Mr. Murphy wanted to. It was nice to see this quiet man, standing in front of his sponsor's car, praising his leading lady, the other actors, and the sponsor. That segment showed you a glimpse of the real man. What a waste, when Mr. Murphy died in that plane accident in 1971.
  • Having achieved success with 'Vertigo', Hitchcock tried his hand at directing an episode from a murder, mystery series such as 'Startime'. He was already realising television success with 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', but was capitalising on the fact that television was now going to progress from cinema in the 60's.