James Garner's last film under his Warner Brothers contract. After a writer's strike halted all Warner Brothers productions, even though Garner had a "play or pay" contract, Warner Brothers refused to pay him. Garner sued the studio for breach of contract and won.

McCall's plane is a demilitarized Douglas A-26 Invader, a type used in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Two million dollars in 1960 would be worth about seventeen and a half million dollars in 2020.

Cut to around 85 minutes in the UK and put out on the ABC circuit on a double bill with "Guns of the Timberland" in April 1960.

The A-26 Invader seen this film would be on of over 300 demilitarized A-26's converted by On Mark Engineering Company of Van Nuys, California. About 40 of those were converted into B-26K for the 609th SOS, in Vietnam in the late 60's. Many more were converted by ferrying passengers between air bases. But a large number were converted to executive/corporate commuter planes. The plane seen in the film was an On Mark Marksman. But they also produced the On Mark Executive and the On Mark Marketeer.