• WARNING: Spoilers

    Pablo Morales (Arturo de Cordova) is a quiet down-to-earth taxidermist who enjoys his humble work and loves children and animals. His wife Gloria (Amparo Rivelles) is a hypochondriac who suffers psychologically from a physical deformation and sees her husbands work as well as his mild affection as pornographic. Their life is one of marriage without a bond of love, while additionally Glorias sister and sadistic brother-in-law are constantly harping in and loudly demanding that Pablo treat Gloria better, causing Pablo to seek solace in food and drink with his own friends. Added to the stress-full home life is a Priest, a reminder that the Church demands that a husband treat a wife with a mannered relation that does not accept divorce. When Gloria gives away money to the Church that Pablo was putting aside for a camera, he objects. Pablo demands the cash be returned from the Priest. Gloria stages a domestic abuse, screaming loudly for the benefit of the nosy neighbors and actually giving herself bruises so that Pablo will be held responsible. It is then that Pablo decides to poison his wife by diluting her food with a toxin that immediately kills her. Pablo then with loving care dissects Glorias body and reassembles her skeleton and places it in the front window of his workshop. When the local Priest sees the skeleton he has Pablo arrested and brought to trial and a panel of experts to examine the bones and testify that the irate husband has murdered his loving wife. When the experts say that the bones are not those of the missing wife, and a group of witnesses enter to affirm the positive side of Pablos character the Judge releases the seemingly innocent man. But there are lingering elements of such an act that stay with Pablo and his neighbors in the aftermath of the court room confrontation.