Leading lady Cathy Downs' screams are dubbed--they were Allison Hayes' screams from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958).

The giant spider prop was originally built for Tarantula (1955).

Riffed by the guys from MST3K under the Rifftrax name, Michael J Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy.

Final film of Lee Roberts.

Originally released on a double bill with Frankenstein's Daughter (1958).

The film was distributed by Astor Pictures and is a remake of an earlier Astor Pictures-distributed film, Cat-Women of the Moon (1953).

The lunar landscape used in the film is Vasquez Rocks, a popular television and feature film shooting location near Los Angeles.[3] A red camera filter was used to make the blue sky photograph very dark on the black-and-white film, but the result is still far from the ideal starry black. Bits of scrubby vegetation can be seen in the background of some shots. No attempt is made to convince the viewer that the Moon is an airless void where humans would weigh one-sixth their normal Earth weight.

The large, slow-moving rock creatures have a passing resemblance to the shape of Gumby, the popular stop motion clay animation children's television character introduced in 1955.

The giant spider prop is wire-controlled from above; it is exactly the same "Moon spider" used five years earlier in Cat-Women of the Moon.

Nina Bara, who plays the evil, scheming, back-stabbing Alpha, was familiar to genre audiences from her role as Tonga on the television series Space Patrol (1950-1955). Popular 1960s/1970s television and movie co-star Leslie Parrish also appears, billed under her real name Marjorie Hellen.