Dr. Robbins: There's no assurance for me and my kind, Superintendent. I've been black for 38 years, I know. She may have looked white, but Sapphire was colored.

Superintendent Robert Hazard: Your sister was murdered. We'll find out who killed her.

Dr. Robbins: I'm sure that is your intention.

Superintendent Robert Hazard: It is my intention. It's also my job.

Inspector Phil Learoyd: These spades are a load of trouble. I reckon we should send them back where they came from. We wouldn't have half this bother if they weren't here.

Superintendent Robert Hazard: Well, I suppose you're right. Just the same as we wouldn't have old ladies being clobblered by hooligans if there weren't any old ladies. So what do you do? Get rid of the hooligans or the people they bash?

[a beat]

Superintendent Robert Hazard: Look Phil, given the right atmosphere you can organize riots against anyone - Jews, Catholics, Negroes, Irish - even policemen with big feet.

[Learoyd snickers]

Superintendent Robert Hazard: We didn't solve anything, Phil. We just picked up the pieces.

Sapphire's Landlady: You took Sapphire home to Guildford didn't you?

Patsy: Yes.

Sapphire's Landlady: Did you tell your father and mother she was coloured?

PatsySapphire's Landlady: No.

Sapphire's Landlady: Well then, don't be so quick to call *me* prejudiced.

Sapphire's Landlady: You've got the wrong address. I take only white students.

Mrs. Harris: Oh David, whatever made you get mixed up with a colored girl?

[David rises]

David Harris: I didn't know.

Ted Harris: When did you know?

David Harris: Last week. By then I didn't care.

Mildred: That's what she banked on.