Victor Santini: He's been with the judge twenty minutes. What could he be saying to him?

Mrs. Ellis: What did the judge say, son?

Larry Ellis: He wished me well.

Mrs. Hattie Brown: I'm smoking like a fish.

Victor Santini: You're in the wrong neighborhood, Mrs. Brown. You need a big shot lawyer and you need him quick.

Mrs. Hattie Brown: And what do we do for money? Print it?

Victor Santini: Nothing you can hock? Well, how much cash do you have on hand?

Mrs. Hattie Brown: About eleven hundred dollars.

Victor Santini: That might pay the stenography bill.

Victor Santini: There's a steak on the grill for me, Liz. Bring it over to the table when its ready.

Liz: All right, Vic.

[Liz walks away and Vic slaps her behind]

Liz: Oh!

Mrs. Hattie Brown: You're a young man. What are you so money mad about?

Mrs. Hattie Brown: The law says she's innocent - innocent until proven guilty!

Victor Santini: Excuse me, that's the fine theory of it. But, the law is what I told you, Mrs. Brown. not what you see in TV shows.

Victor Santini: Frankly, I'm prejudice against married women who go out and traffic - play around.

Jo Morris: You don't sound very friendly.

Victor Santini: We'll chum up another day.

Lt. Mike Morris: Where do you two come off going and take the kid's part against me? For two cents, I'd go up and fan her behind!

Mrs. Hattie Brown: And there's my delicate dainty foot. Kiss it!

Jo Morris: Mike, I think you better go.

Lt. Mike Morris: What?

Jo Morris: I think you better go to work.

Lt. Mike Morris: Oh, yeah. I know, what's your hurry. Here's your hat. Hello, goodbye!

Mrs. Hattie Brown: Don't shake your head, Jo. I'm your mother, not your judge. You have a right to a little happiness!

Larry Ellis: Money, money, money!

Jo Morris: Yum, yum, yum!

Larry Ellis: It's all a dreamy ball, isn't it?

Jo Morris: What is?

Larry Ellis: L-I-F-E, life.

Larry Ellis: I've never seen you take three drinks before.

Jo Morris: Maybe I have a few talents you don't know about.

Jo Morris: Would you take care of me tonight if I had another drink or two?

Larry Ellis: Yes.

Jo Morris: Must we have them here?

Larry Ellis: Oh, Jo, Jo. What you do to me.

Larry Ellis: I wish I were a poet. I want to say something tender.

Jo Morris: Don't. You'll make me cry.

Victor Santini: How many times did you sleep with Ellis? Now, don't be shy. The questions I ask you in court will curl your hair.

Jo Morris: Once. Just once.

Victor Santini: That's the pathetic truth?

Jo Morris: That's the truth.

Lt. Mike Morris: You wearin' a girdle? You look as slim as an Italian pistol.

Jo Morris: I never had any problem about hips.

Lt. Mike Morris: I know, I know, I sometimes dish it out; but, you don't take things light enough. I mean, you don't think when I say I'll kick her in the slats, the kid, I really mean it?

Jo Morris: What's important is whether Avis thinks you mean it.

Lt. Mike Morris: It's nice havin' a head like you at home.

Lt. Mike Morris: [after squeezing Jo's breast and she rejects his advances] What's your private name for me? Poison Ivy? Don't forget, kid, in my trade I can get it any place! They put out and I take!

Lt. Mike Morris: That's my missus. Champagne taste with beer money. That's my missus.

Lt. Mike Morris: A man likes to get a little credit in his own home. Don't that ever occur to ya? Even a dog wags his tail when you throw him a bone. Did you hear what I said? All you know is to take my paycheck when I bring it home.

Jo Morris: I left the phone company job at $90 a week to marry you and I just as soon get it back.

Lt. Mike Morris: That'll be the day. Over my dead body, that'll be the day.

Larry Ellis: How naked a woman's face can be.

District Attorney Nordeau: The lady looks slick to me. Slick and cool!

Phil Stanley: I'll make her hot.

Phil Stanley: Anything yet on hotels? Motels?

Detective Captain Kelly: No.

Phil Stanley: We need real proof that Ellis worked at something more than just her tax figure.

Mrs. Ellis: Remember this dear, your lawyers have as much faith in you as your mother does.

Victor Santini: Is it legal to rent hotel rooms for the purposes of illicit sex? Yes or no?

Victor Santini: What does that mean, "It sounded like she didn't mean it"?

Lauber: Well, you know, like a typical wife. Maybe they had a fight. Flippant. Sarcastic. She didn't mean it.

Mrs. Hattie Brown: You're purring like a pussycat; but, you'd really like to knock my head off.

Jo Morris: I don't think the opposite of love is hate. It's indifference.

Phil Stanley: Knowing Ellis was waiting below, you went upstairs and stripped.

Jo Morris: Yes, but, I didn't go...

Phil Stanley: No, buts, ma'am.