Tarzan: Death is never a pretty sight. We'll see it again before the hunt is over.

Tarzan: Two people are dead here. Is this a joke to you?

Angie: We all die sooner or later. It's not a joke, but it's nothing to cry about.

Col. Sangre: The service is about to start. Will you stay?

Tarzan: No, I need no sermon to tell me how I feel about Dr. Quarles.

O'Bannion: You're very touchy, my friend.

Dino: I'm not your friend, O'Bannion. I never was.

Angie: [after watching a lion kill its prey] How cruel.

Tarzan: He killed for food. Only man kills for its own sake.

Tarzan: I would have killed Slade a long time ago if not for man's law.

Kruger: Tarzan. You talk aways of this Ape Man. We are four. What have we to be afraid of?

Slade: Listen, Kruger, no one's afraid. But don't delude yourself that we're four to one. Tarzan won't come in the front door, you know. He'll just wait down there and pick us off one by one if we're fools enough to give him the chance. Now I'm telling you, all of you, don't help him by destroying yourselves.

Toni: What about Tarzan?

Slade: If he's alive, he'll come to me.

[last lines]

Slade: Come on up, Ape Man. Let's see you.

[first lines]

Dr. Quarles: What's wrong with you, little chap? Come on, Little Francis. I love you.