Sir Sean Connery was paid five thousand six hundred dollars for his role in this movie. When asked to play in the next Tarzan movie, he said he couldn't because "two fellows took an option on me for some spy picture and are exercising it. But I'll be in your next." The "spy picture" was Dr. No (1962), the first of his numerous appearances as James Bond 007.

Cheetah appears only during one line ("So long, Cheetah"). This is because the chimpanzees brought from England to Kenya for the filming were so terrified of the jungle night noises they wouldn't perform.

Producer Sy Weintraub also wanted Sir Anthony Quayle to come back for another Tarzan movie, but Quayle had been offered a part in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) after having been seen in this movie, and couldn't accept.

This was the first movie for Producer Sy Weintraub. He would make Tarzan adventures, including the popular television series, throughout the 1960s.

Tarzan (Gordon Scott) is nearly killed in the jungle in a dynamite blast by Slade (Sir Anthony Quayle). While recuperating, Tarzan is aided by Angie (Sara Shane) who crashed her employer's plane. Tarzan develops amorous feelings for Angie and they start to kiss. The kiss is immediately cut, but in the trailer for the movie, the kiss can be found.

In a scene where Tarzan (Gordon Scott) is concealed from O'Bannion (Sir Sean Connery), a hairy big spider crawls up Tarzan's leg and torso. A few years later, Connery had a big hairy spider crawl up the length of his body in a scene from Dr. No (1962), his first James Bond movie.

It is the first "Tarzan" production to omit Jane.

Sir Sean Connery's lifelong struggle with baldness seems to have set in early. In several scenes here, he appears to already be sporting an obvious comb-over or toupee.

After Dino (Al Mulock) is killed in the quicksand, Slade (Anthony Quayle) explains to O'Bannion (Sean Connery) that Dino had been in prison for fifteen years, having killed his father when he was 18. Adding those numbers up would have made Dino 33 years old when he died in the quicksand. Thirty-three years old was the exact age of Mulock when this movie was made in 1959.